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2024 Jawa Perak Updated What To Know

The 2024 edition of Jawa Yezdi Motorcycles’ bobber, the Perak, was recently introduced in India. The new cruiser bike has undergone several hardware adjustments in addition to a visual makeover. These changes may take time to be apparent, but they should enhance the riding experience overall. Here’s a brief overview of these adjustments.

Mechanical Updates

This update includes small changes to the gear teeth, which makes them fit together better and reduces noise and vibrations. The new gearbox cover reduces the gearbox sound and makes it more refined. The Perak received a retuned 7-step preload adjustable mono-shock for better damping, whereas the front suspension is now sportier for better handling, similar to the 42 Bobber.

Jawa Perak new model 2024

Better throttle mapping and gear ratios are added to the 2024 Perak. A cast iron liner in the cylinder block and a redesigned piston skirt are two of the engine’s modifications that contribute to a smoother ride by lowering friction. Additionally, Jawa Bikes has patented a technology that optimizes engine oil usage and flow. It makes it possible to significantly lower oil loss when operating regularly. As a result, there are less maintenance expenses.

According to the company, these modifications have improved both city riding and interstate cruising. A modified piston design and a cast iron liner in the cylinder block are two more modifications made to lower NVH levels. For improved handling dynamics, the suspension arrangement has also been changed.

Hardware And Engine

To lower the NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) levels, the business has made significant engine modifications. It has new gearbox covers for a cleaner shift sound, a reworked gear tooth for improved mesh quality, and a rebuilt crankshaft to reduce engine stress and provide a more luxurious ride.

It still has the same 334 cc liquid-cooled engine. At 7,500 rpm, it produces 29 horsepower, and at 5,500 rpm, 30 Nm. There is a 6-speed gearbox with a slip and assist clutch in service.

Riding Triangle

Jawa has put effort into making the motorcycle’s ergonomics better. The foot pegs are now positioned 155 mm forward to create a more comfortable riding triangle, even if the handlebar remains unchanged.

Jawa Perak 2024 on Road Price

Updates For Aesthetics

The dual-tone paint scheme of matte black and matte grey is a feature of the new Perak Stealth model. Additionally, there is a new quilted brown seat and brass finishes on the gasoline filling cap and tank badging. Additionally, the company moved the footpegs on the Perak forward by 155mm to improve the overall seating ergonomics. Despite these modifications, the price of Jawa Perak remains the same.

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