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Royal Enfield Trademarks Goan

Royal Enfield has applied for trademarks in India for two new brand names: Goan Classic 350 and Guerilla 450. Here’s a brief description of the potential uses of these two motorcycles.

Currently, one of the busiest two-wheeler manufacturers is Royal Enfield. After introducing the new Bullet 350 and Himalayan 450, the Goan Classic 350 and Guerilla 450 are the two latest models from the company. Although the names that have been trademarked do not mean they will be used, our experience with Royal Enfield indicates that we will probably see motorcycles using these two brand names soon.

Royal Enfield Goan Classic 350

Taking the Goan Classic 350 first, one can assume that this model is based on today’s Classic 350 and possibly a new or special edition. Expect fresh, playful color options and decals for the Goan Classic 350, inspired by the state of Goa, which hosts Royal Enfield’s annual motorcycle event, Motoverse. The brand’s association with the Himalayas predates Royal Enfield’s entry into Goa. Thus, expect a more comfortable design for the model with minimal changes to the frame and design apart from other adjustments. The engine and technical details will likely not change.

It is unlikely that the Goan Classic 350 will get any mechanical updates from the existing Classic 350 apart from aesthetics. It will likely be powered by the same J-series 349.34 cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine, producing 20.21 hp and 27 Nm.

Royal Enfield Guerilla 450

The second bike Royal Enfield trademarked is the Guerrilla 450. It is now official that the new Sherpa 450 engine, which powers the new Himalayan 450, will be installed in this model. What remains to be known is whether the Guerrilla 450 is a scrambler-style bike or a Himalayan-derived bike with rally-inspired features like adjustable suspension, single-piece seat, knobby tires, and tubeless-spoke wheels. Although the Himalayan is a capable motorcycle in its own right, a rally-spec vehicle sounds very attractive, especially for a niche market of motorcycle lovers.

Royal Enfield Goan Classic 350 and Guerilla 450: Launch date

Although the launch date of both bikes is unknown, we guess the Guerrilla 450 will be sold after the Goan Classic 350.

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