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TVS Jupiter vs Honda Activa
Scooters are common two-wheeler for people who move around the city regularly. They’re sleek, comfortable, and fast. Women riders and
college student bikes favor cheaper options that are easier to operate, park, and maintain. Two popular choices include the TVS Jupiter BS6 and the Honda Activa 6G.

Over the years, both TVS Jupiter and Honda Activa have established solid reputations. The latest Jupiter and Activa models, BS6 and 6G, respectively, have received several revisions and improvements.

Are you confused about TVS Jupiter vs Honda Activa? Here’s a brief comparison of the different features to help you choose.

TVS Jupiter vs Honda Activa: Quick Comparison

Features TVS Jupiter Honda Activa 6G
Acceleration 0-60kmph 10.24 seconds 10.31 seconds
Braking 60-0kmph 22.32m 25.99m
Fuel Efficiency City 64kmpl 59.5kmpl
Highway 52kmpl 55.9kmpl
Top Speed Kmph 78 85
Price Avg. Ex-showroom 76,087 73,661

TVS Jupiter vs Honda Activa: Hardware and Specs

The 110cc engines of both scooters produce comparable amounts of power and torque. And the performance numbers are also almost at par, with the 0-60 kmph acceleration test showing virtually no change. Yes, TVS Jupiter won by a tiny margin. This is true even though Jupiter weighs 107 kgs Kerb, which is 1 kg more than the Activa 6G.

Both scooters are excellent daily commuter bikes on the congested highways of India. But Jupiter’s power comes on a little earlier than its competitors, making it slower around town. Still, the Activa 110 feels dynamic.

The Jupiter has an optional front disc brake, unlike the Activa, which gives it a clear advantage over its competitors. The disc brakes enable Jupiter to stop 3.5 meters ahead of the Activa by pulling it above 60 km/h.

TVS Jupiter vs Honda Activa: Fuel Efficiency

Jupiter offers higher fuel economy while traveling in cities, but Activa betters it on highways by more than 4 km/l. When it comes to daily commuters, motorcycle fuel efficiency is essential. Both the scooters have respectable gas mileage, but Jupiter wins in this comparison mainly because it performs better in urban traffic. Jupiter’s victory can be attributed to the fuel injection system and the ET-Fi (Eco Thrust Fuel Injection) unit, which increased Jupiter’s fueling.

Both scooters make excellent daily drivers that are economical, reliable, and fuel-efficient.

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