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Price Comparison Of All 110cc Scooters

We know that the engine capacity of the scooter is very important when buying a new scooter. Scooters are light in weight, easy to ride, easy to handle, and have excellent mileage. There are many options of scooters under 110cc capacity available in India, so choosing the best scooter can be confusing.

Honda Activa 6G and TVS Jupiter are ranked among the top two best-selling scooters in India. The scooters are good-looking and within your budget. The 110cc scooters account for a major share in total two-wheeler sales in India. The names of the best 110cc scooters in India are given below.

5 best 110cc scooters in India 

Model Variant Price (ex-showroom)
Honda Activa 6G 1. Activa 6G Standard
2. Activa 6G Deluxe 
3. Activa 6G Deluxe –                                        Limited Edition 
4. Activa 6G H – Smart 
5. Activa 6G H – Smart Edition 
Rs. 76,234 
Rs. 78,734 
Rs. 80,734 

Rs. 82,234 
Rs. 82,734 
Honda Dio 1. Dio Standard 
2. Dio Deluxe 
3. Dio H-Smart 
Rs. 70,211
Rs. 74,212 
Rs. 77,712 
TVS Jupiter 1. Jupiter Sheet Metal Wheel 
2. Jupiter Standard
3. Jupiter ZX Drum – AOL 
4. Jupiter ZX Drum – SmartXonnect 
5. Jupiter ZX Disc 
6. Jupiter ZX Disc – SmartXonnect 
7. Jupiter Classic 
Rs. 73,340 

Rs. 77,458 
Rs. 82,233 

Rs. 84,568 

Rs. 86,513 
Rs. 89,088 

Rs. 89,748 
TVS Scooty Zest 110 1. Scooty Zest 110 Standard 
2. Scooty Zest 110 Matte 
Rs. 73,931 

Rs. 75,293 
TVS Scooty Pep Plus 1. Scooty Pep Plus Mudhal Kadhal 
2. Scooty Pep Plus Standard 
3. Scooty Pep Plus Princess Pink 
4. Scooty Pep Plus Matte Edition 
Rs. 69,506 

Rs. 65,514 

Rs. 66,514 

Rs. 68,414 

The list given above clearly shows which 110cc scooters are best and what is their price.

The new Honda Activa 6G features alloy wheels on the newly launched H-Smart variant and does not get the disc brake option that the TVS Jupiter offers. Jupiter Classic comes with some great features. It’s much more comfortable, and the engine of the Honda Activa 6G is smooth and provides greater handling braking. The performance is satisfactory for city riders.

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