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Tips For Motorcycle Riders

Protection is crucial whether you’re going on a cross-country road trip or a joyride. You should take precautions to keep your bike in proper working order, dress appropriately, and keep your head turned to watch your surroundings. What about your skin and hair, though?

Your skin and hair can suffer from all those driving hours. Your skin eventually becomes dry and develops age spots and wrinkles due to exposure to the sun, sweat, and road filth. A small amount of time here and there can have a significant impact. Taking care of your skin doesn’t have to interfere with your bike time.

You must also wear a protective helmet if riding a motorcycle. And regardless of what you may believe about this crucial piece of motorcycle safety gear—that the helmet is unsightly, destroys your hairstyle, or is the primary reason for your hair loss—you still need to wear it. We’re excited to advise you today on keeping your skin and hair safe while operating a motorbike.

10 Essential Skincare Tips For Motorcycle Riders

1. Always Use Sun Protection

Thirty minutes before leaving, use broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. Make sure to massage all exposed skin, including your hands, neck, and face. Consider wearing long sleeves if you’re not wearing a jacket to lessen sun exposure. You should reapply sunscreen every two hours, especially if you’re sweating from the heat.

2. Mask Your Face

Your face may not be shielded during your ride if you don’t use a helmet with a tinted visor. Consider updating your helmet or sunglasses to protect your skin from sun rays. Your lower face may benefit from an additional layer of sun, mosquito, and road grit protection if you wear a bandana around it. 

3. Carry Cleaning Wipes

Give your face a quick wipe-off when you stop to ride. Cleaning wipes are convenient in your vacation luggage and easy to remove sweat, grime, and filth from your hands, face, and neck. If none are available, a quick rinse in fresh water will do.

4. Apply Lip Balm

Your lips can become dry and chapped from driving a lot. Motorcycle riders should always wear lip balm, but choose one with SPF protection. If you haven’t got a sunburn on your lips, you haven’t experienced it. You won’t repeat that mistake, we promise.

5. Take In A Lot Of Water

Your skin needs to be well-hydrated to be healthy. Lack of water consumption can cause tight, dry, and flaky skin. While riding, have a hydration pack nearby and sip throughout the day. To prevent dehydration, it is worthwhile to take an additional pit break. Additionally, having a glass of water before your post-ride beer is not a terrible idea.

6. After Your Ride, Wash Up

When you finally get home, the effects of a long day of riding will be visible all over your body. It’s an excellent idea to wash your face as soon as possible. This is to remove sweat, oil, dirt, and other debris even if you don’t immediately shower. It is more likely to clog your pores and result in an acne outbreak the longer it remains on your skin. To clean thoroughly, all you need is mild cleaner and warm water.

7. Care For Your Skin

It’s time to heal your skin after removing all that dirt and grime with water. A hydrating face mask will restore extremely dry or damaged skin, and aloe vera is excellent for sunburns. Apply your chosen wrinkle cream or serum and any necessary acne medications. Apply a moisturizer to lock in moisture.

8. Keep Your Equipment Clean

Your motorcycle clothing keeps you secure while traveling but absorbs moisture and lubricants. Use gentle, fragrance-free detergent to clean any helmet padding, straps, or other equipment that comes into contact with your skin. Clean equipment feels better and benefits your skin.

9. Ensure Your Motorcycle Has A Windscreen

Utilizing a windscreen or safety face shield is the right way to protect your skin from road hazards! It can be quite damaging to the skin to get dirt, road debris, bugs, and windburn, in addition to the sun, sweat, and oil; therefore, shielding your skin will be of significant assistance.

10. Stop Using Exfoliants

Although using regular exfoliating products is essential to healthy skin care, it is better to avoid doing so three days before a ride. This is because doing so can raise your sunburn risk by 45%.

10 Essential Haircare Tips For Motorcycle Riders

1. Drying Your Hair Thoroughly Is Always An Effective Idea

It will assume the helmet shape if it is even damp. Washing your hair two hours before leaving is advised (yeah, this is challenging when you have to be at work at nine).

2. After Two Minutes Of Drying, Switch To Cold Air

After drying, the hair must be chilled, making it less knotted, ensuring volume lasts longer, and preventing the helmet from seriously impairing styling.

3. Use Less Styling Aids

Reduce the amount of gel or varnish as much as you can. First, you will achieve the same effects as with wet hair if the styling product doesn’t dry out. Second, the helmet and hair gel result in unkempt and untidy hair. Stylists say that hair won’t cling together if you use volume sprays with thermal protection.

4. Purchase A Good Hairbrush

It’s time to check your comb if you remove your helmet and transform it into a dandelion. Is it plastic or metal? Discard and replace with an antistatic model (made of silicone, for instance).

5. Keep In Mind That Rose Oil Functions As A Natural Antistatic

Your hair will stop electrifying if a drop of rose oil is applied to a comb (made of any material).

6. Your Helmet Should Be Treated With An Antistatic Spray

Spraying clothing antistatic inside your helmet will also avoid flying hair.

7. Before Putting On The Helmet, Cover Your Head With A Thin Layer Of Cotton Cloth

Wearing an additional layer of hat made of soft cotton fabric is the most affordable way to protect your hair while riding a motorbike. Any cotton t-shirt can be used to make this at home, but it’s crucial that the yarn used for knitting the fabric is smooth and contains no more than 30% synthetic fibers. Otherwise, the scalp would perpetually sweat.

8. Don’t Forget To Wear Your Helmet

Always draw the helmet over your head so that it appears to be moving away from your forehead; this will cause the hair to fall under the hat in one direction.

9. Don’t Select Too Tight Helmets

Avoid buying too tight helmets since they will destroy your hair and slip off your head unsightly. Pay attention to inner linings that are overly tight since they leave a mark on the forehead and distort the hair unsightly. An ideal motorcycle helmet fit is neither too fitted nor too loose.

10. Create A Bun With Your Long Hair

For riders with long hair, we suggest creating a bun (which can be low so the helmet can be pulled over the head). You’ll receive gentle waves with natural volume. Experts advise removing fringe from the roots, pulling it up, and wearing a helmet if you have fringe.


You don’t have to look like you spend most of your time traveling just because you prefer it. It only takes a few simple steps to care for your skin and hair when riding a motorbike before, during, and after each ride. You can maintain healthy skin and hair with these easy tips.

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