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riding motorcycle in hot weather

We all anticipate long, sunny summer rides as motorbike riders. Nothing compares to the feelings you get from taking a motorbike out for a ride on a dry, sunny day. Summer might bring higher temperatures. Your vehicle’s additional heat makes it harder to ride in hot weather. Use these six essential techniques to stay cool while cycling in hot weather.

10 Essential Tips For Riding A Motorcycle In Hot Weather

1. Never Forget To Hydrate

Hydration is the secret to summer motorcycling, especially on 785 mm seat height bikes. It determines whether you have a smooth journey or a trying day. It is your top priority.

Small, regular sips are the most effective technique to keep yourself topped up. It would help if you never stayed too long without drinking because it can be tough to reverse dehydration consequences once they start.

Having water bottles under your seat for quick liquid access is an excellent idea. If you don’t have the room, you can carry a water bladder or Camelbak that allows you to drink while riding. No matter where you travel, you should always have a water source. It doesn’t harm to bring an emergency bottle even if you intend to buy something in the shop.

2. Discover The Best Accessories To Wear While Ridding On A Heated Day

The same rules apply to riding a bike on a sunny day as driving a car. In warm weather, a tinted visor will be your greatest friend and is very simple to replace with your current one. Open the vent ports on the front or top of the motorbike helmet to let air flow through.

3. Slap On A Sunscreen

Sunscreen is the most effective method of shielding your skin from damaging UV rays. Apply sunscreen liberally anyplace your skin isn’t protected by clothing and doesn’t overlook the neck. Be sure to choose something with a high SPF rating. Even if your skin is not especially sensitive or dark, the sun can damage it. Don’t forget to reapply if you plan to take long motorcycle rides.

4. Avoid Caffeine, Added Sugars, And Alcohol

Aside from the obvious consequences of drinking and driving, alcohol hastens dehydration. Even drinking after a ride might dehydrate you and make you more likely to experience a hangover the next day.

Although the link between caffeine and hydration is still debated, try to avoid it whenever possible. The fact is that sugary beverages prevent the body from absorbing water. Hence, even if you want to shatter a Coke, it won’t help you in the long run and will only temporarily do so.

5. Hydrate Yourself With A Sports Drink

Even though they are sugary, sports drinks provide electrolytes and carbs that keep you hydrated. Simply don’t overdo it. Any more than one bottle is probably unnecessary because sugar accumulation will hinder your body’s ability to absorb water effectively.

6. Always Have Extra Water On Hand

On a hot day, having extra water with you will never be a regret. We all underestimate how much fluid we need to consume at some point, and a petrol station won’t always be nearby. Staying hydrated requires regular liquid sips. Water consumed in large gulps quickly leaves our system and accomplishes nothing.

7. Perform Regular Stops

Try to take a break every hour as a general guideline. Resting will help you cool down and prevent fatigue later in the day. Take advantage of the opportunity to have a cold beverage and reorient yourself. Find a resting spot in the shade to cool your body and delay heat stress. Limiting pauses to 10 to 15 minutes should feel much better.

It’s perfectly OK if you don’t feel like resting after an hour of riding. Take your vehicle. However, stopping and cooling off after two hours is strongly advised.

8. Avoid Riding During The Heat Of The Day

Although you won’t always have a choice, avoid riding between noon and five o’clock. The risk of heat exhaustion and heat stroke is at its maximum during this time of day because it is the warmest.

Riding on the weekends can entail heading out for lunch before spending the afternoon exploring or cooling off in the water. You can also ride home in the early evening and enjoy cycling as the sun sets. This is done by waiting out the sweltering afternoon hours.

9. Do Not Expose Your Skin

Your skin will quickly get dehydrated despite how much you want to breathe in fresh air. Your body produces sweat to help you cool off, but if perspiration evaporates off you, this won’t function. Although sunscreen is useful, it does not serve as a magical shield. No matter how much sunscreen you use, a full day of exposure can still result in 2nd-degree burns.

10. Check Your Motorcycle Oil

In extremely hot weather, motorcycle engine oil could overheat. It’s crucial to check the condition of your engine and determine whether any action needs to be taken before things get out of hand. Fan-assisted coolers may be advantageous for some motorcycles. It may be prudent to have one fitted as a precaution, as Harleys are particularly susceptible to overheating.

Contact your dealer and ask for advice if you’re unsure whether you need a cooler.


Once you’ve finished riding for the day, unwind. Find some air conditioning, chill with a beverage or ice cream, and relax. It’s wise to take the next day off if you’ve been riding for a while in the heat. It will gradually wear you down and tire you after several days of sunny weather.

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