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Tips To Increase Your Bike Mileage

Follow seven important tips to increase your motorcycle mileage.

Top 7 Tips To Increase Your Bike Mileage

#1 Bike Servicing On Time

A bike is a machine composed of components and parts such as an engine, clutch, brake, gear, electric spark plug, etc. Getting a bike serviced on time ensures all parts work smoothly, which helps maintain the bike’s health and improves mileage. In addition, check the motorcycle engine oil status regularly. For those considering purchasing a new bike in India, these maintenance practices are crucial to extending the bike’s longevity and efficiency. Change engine oil every 1500-2000 KM. It will ensure mileage performance.

#2 Prefer Economy Mode And Drive At Constant Speed

To get the best mileage for your vehicle, you must ensure a constant speed while driving. Prefer to ride a motorcycle slowly or at economy speed range (30-60 km/hr). You can run the vehicle smoothly, avoiding frequent gear shifting. Also, you don’t need to apply heavy brakes to stop the vehicle giving you more control over the vehicle.

#3 Tyre Pressure

Get the tyre pressure check every fifteen days or after a long journey. A low tyre pressure enforces more power to run thus affecting the mileage. This will ensure your tyre runs efficiently. 

Prefer nitrogen gas for tyres instead of normal gas. This will ensure good performance on the Indian roads especially.

#4 Use Good Quality Fuel And Reliable Petrol Station

Fuel plays a key role in a vehicle’s mileage. So, always prefer good quality fuel to increase motorcycle fuel efficiency. Also, fuel your bike from reliable petrol stations. This will ensure 99.9% refined petrol and the exact quantity for the price you are paying to them.  Consider looking into the best petrol bikes for optimal performance and fuel efficiency.

#5 Park Your Bike Away From Sun Exposure

Staying in the sunlight for a longer time raises heat. Similarly, keeping or parking your bike in the sunlight will heat it and lead to fuel evaporation. In short, this will reduce the mileage. So, it is a best practice to always park your bike in the shadow area.

#6 Turn Off The Engine During Red Signal

Keeping your engine on during the red signal light was never a good idea. Engine runs through fuel whether it is diesel or petrol. So, whenever the engine is on, it will exhaust the fuel. So, always turn off the vehicle while waiting at the red traffic light signal. 

#7 Lubricate The Chain

Dust, dirt, sand, and mud increase friction and wear in the chain while rain and climate salt can lead to chain rusting. In such scenarios, engines need to exhaust more power to run the chain. This affects the mileage. So, it is necessary to lubricate the motorcycle chain to work smoothly leaving less pressure on the engine. 

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