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Next-gen KTM 390 Adventure

The new 390 Adventure will have much more off-road capability.

It’s no news that KTM is working on a version of the next-gen 390 Adventure that is largely off-road oriented, and now we have the best set of pictures of the bike. It was interestingly spotted next to a new 390 Enduro.

  • The front wheel of the new 390 ADV is 21 inches.
  • Additionally, the new chassis and swingarm 
  • 390 Enduro looks essentially identical to the 390 Adventure.

Next-gen KTM 390 Adventure: details

The fact that the bike comes equipped with a 21-inch front wheel and either a 17-inch or 18-inch rear wheel makes it clear that this is an R variant that will be sold alongside the regular next-gen 390 ADV. Additionally, the USD fork is expected to feature longer travel than the current 390 ADV and is likely to be adjustable, at least in terms of compression and rebound damping. The next-gen KTM 390 Duke, which we recently caught testing in India, is expected to feature a new powerplant similar to the bike’s frame and swingarm.

Since it gets Bybrae brakes, the next-gen 390 model of the bike is most likely to be produced in India rather than the most extreme off-road model from KTM’s global lineup. Also, considering that KTM’s entire range of enduro and dirt bikes feature high-mounted exhaust systems to maximize water-wading ability, an underbelly exhaust is an odd choice for a bike that Extreme off-road. Rode appears to be capable.

However, the bike looks the part with rally bike-inspired bodywork, dirt bike-inspired fenders, and tall, double-sided LED headlights. Though the TFT display in use resembles the shape of the current 390 ADV, KTM could change its layout to look similar to the all-new KTM 890 Adventure R.

KTM 390 Enduro: details

The enduro bike has been fitted with soft baggage on the rear seat, while news spotted the adventure bike testing with auxiliary lamps and heavy luggage. The enduro bike looks mechanically equivalent to the adventure in terms of chassis, motor, and suspension. The fuel tank is also comparable, although there is no front wind protection, and the extensions are slightly shorter.

It is fair to speculate that the next-gen 390 Duke will go on sale in 2019, and there is a possibility that the Adventure range may get delayed till 2024.

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