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What Is KTM My Ride App and How it is beneficial

In 2018, KTM expanded the capabilities of its smartphone connectivity platform, KTM MY RIDE, which is compatible with many of its Street range vehicles. Turn-by-turn navigation and route planning are now supported through a specialized app, complementing the Phone and Music features.

Since we live in a connected world, KTM Bikes started offering customers the option to link their smartphones to motorcycles in 2017. These features have been thoughtfully crafted to enhance riding enjoyment and be easy to use without drawing attention away from the road.

The KTM 390 DUKE, KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE R, KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE S, and KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE R versions are fitted with KTM MY RIDE with Music and Phone.

KTM My Ride Music

This connected function lets a bike equipped with KTM MY RIDE take control of the smartphone’s music player to listen to while riding when paired with a compatible Bluetooth helmet headset. The motorcyclist can adjust the volume and flip between tracks on a playlist or music archive using the menu switch on the left handlebar. The TFT screen on the bike shows the track’s details.

KTM My Ride Phone

Sometimes, it’s crucial to answer a call during a lengthy trip. The KTM MY RIDE feature makes attaching a smartphone to a bike simple. Once paired, the rider may identify incoming calls on the TFT display and choose whether to accept or deny them using the menu switch. Making outgoing calls and accessing the phone’s address book are blocked as a precaution.

KTM My Ride Navigation

A new addition for 2018 is turn-by-turn navigation, which is standard equipment on the KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE S & R. Visual advice is sent via Bluetooth to the TFT display to illustrate the pre-planned location when used in conjunction with the new KTM MY RIDE app.

Maps can be downloaded offline to reduce mobile data usage, facilitating the creation and preservation of pre-planned itineraries. Since KTM knows that its ADVENTURE riders enjoy taking detours while planning a route, up to 128 waypoints can be included to make unique trips.

Additionally, when paired with a helmet headset that supports Bluetooth, audio instructions in English, German, Spanish, Italian, or French can be used.

In addition to the TFT display’s speedometer and rpm counter, KTM MY RIDE Navigation shows:

  • Turn-by-turn arrow icons indicate the direction of the next turn.
  • The separation between the following turns and itself.
  • The street name that comes next.
  • Arrival time at the end location.
  • Distance to the endpoint or target.

MY RIDE, KTM Owners of 2017 KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE S & R machines can also take advantage of navigation by having the free software upgrade installed and activated at an official KTM dealer. This feature is not limited to owners of 2018 machines.


1. How Do You Use KTM My Ride?

A mobile device can download the KTM MY RIDE app, which uses Bluetooth to link the motorcycle’s electronic system to its computer. The KTM and mobile devices are paired using a simple “code-share” process. The next time you turn on the ignition and the device is nearby, the link will be saved and remembered. You can connect to many KTMs using the same user profile using KTM MY RIDE.

2. For Navigation, Will My Phone Need A GPS Program?

No. Like Google Maps, Maps on the iPhone, and numerous other satellite GPS systems, KTM MY RIDE Navigation is a stand-alone map-based software application that offers several useful functions for KTM touring and cruising.

3. How Can I Link My Bike To My Ride?

Through ‘searching’ for the KTM motorcycle with a mobile device that has Bluetooth enabled. The gadget and the bike will synchronize and communicate once they are paired. The smartphone can be placed in “black screen mode” to conserve battery life and kept in a pocket or purse. Using the switch on the left handlebar, you may choose between the features of the KTM MY RIDE app.

4. What If I Have A 2017 KTM?

A straightforward and cost-free activation process conducted through a nearby, authorized KTM dealer will enable owners of KTM 1290 Super Adventure models to take advantage of all the features offered by KTM MY RIDE.

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