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Why Chain Lubrication is Important For Your Bike.

Have you ever wondered why giving the oil in the bike chain is more important? Didn’t you think? If you haven’t thought about it, don’t worry, we will tell you. 

First, we will discuss why a motorcycle chain is so important.

What Is The Purpose Of A Motorcycle Chain?

Chains are one of the most important parts of a motorcycle. If the motorcycle has some important parts, then the chain is one of them. Chain lubrication is very important to get good mileage and service. The lube should be taken according to the rules till a certain time or after crossing a certain distance. Commuter bikes from 100cc to 125cc bikes usually have a chain cover on the chain. In a country like India, dust, sand, and mud are normal things on roads and Ghats. So the chain cover of the motorcycle protects from this dust and mud.

Many bikes today, especially the best sports bikes, do not have a chain cover. With chain lubricants/greases, etc. The grime gets dirty and goes to the dirt in the chain just in case; that’s why it reduces the bike’s normal speed, shortens the motorcycle chain and sprocket life, and weakens the chain. Regular chain cleaning and testing are required. The chain must be cleaned at least once every 500–1000 km bike ride.

Benefits Of Cleaning And Lubricating A Bike Chain

The top 5 benefits of regular chain lubrication are.

#1 Reduces Chain Noise

If the chain is dry, the noise is the first sign; the chain can start to squeak and become uncomfortable driving. The chain makes noise even after oiling because the lubricant gets dried up. You can again clean the chain and lubricate it until it becomes quiet.

#2 Protects From Rust

As you use your bike, its chain quality decays because rain, dust, and sand can work against it, making it rusty. Tabescence can cause it to become brittle and make those screeching noises. It becomes hard for you to drive your bike smoothly, chain lubrication defends the parts of the chain from getting rust, and it doesn’t attract abrasive contaminants, making the chain smoother.

#3 Improves Shifting

You need to maintain your bike every day; shifting a bike can be much worse because not having enough lubrication chain lubes allow your bike to change positions efficiently and smoothly.

#4 Gives More Safety

Chain lubrication keeps you safe from any accident. Any binding or locking of the drivetrain can lead to catastrophic failure. This can also lead to chain breakage that can suddenly stop your speedy bike and that make dangerous accidents. Chain lubrication makes the chain work freely and continuously transfers power from the engine to the drive wheels of the bike.

#5 Increases Lifetime

The lubrication eliminates the unseasonable wearing of the chain. If you did tidy it daily, it would still need some extra care to work properly. There is no chance you can prevent its contact with contaminants such as dust and sand. Even rain can make it rusty. Apart from this, you can get information about new bike maintenance tips and take care of your bike.

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