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 kawasaki electric motorcycle

At Intermot 2022 in Germany, Kawasaki revealed its all-new electric streetfighter. Despite having several EVs in development, one of the Japanese company’s products – which would serve as the foundation for Kawasaki’s upcoming electric two-wheelers – made it to the exhibition.

The Intermot prototype sports the same styling as the ‘Z’ range of naked bikes from the manufacturer. The Ninja 300’s alloy wheels, aggressive LED headlight modeled after the Z900, and triangle taillight are all shared by Team Green’s naked vehicles.

We have not revealed details about the e-tech motorcycle. Judging by the pictures, it has a final chain drive and a mid-mounted motor. The battery pack is located where a standard engine usually goes, and this motor is mounted as a new frame. A leaked VIN document indicated that an 11kW electric Kawasaki was under development. 

Kawasaki is betting big on EVs and flex-fuel vehicles. The company showcased this prototype and HEV hybrid motorcycle a few months back. More than ten of these projects are in the works. However, if you want to buy a performance-focused electric bike in India, the Ultraviolette F77 is the only option.

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