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 Kawasaki W175

On September 25, Kawasaki will likely introduce the W175 retro-styled motorcycle in India for about Rs 1.5 lakh (ex-showroom). The bike will have two colors: Ebony (black) and Special Edition Red.

  • Engine: 177cc, air-cooled, single-cylinder, 13 horsepower, 13.2 nm
  • Old-fashioned design that closely resembles the W800, which is now available in India
  • Due to localization, the price is probably about Rs 1.5 lakh.

We just received a “block your date” request from the Japanese firm for September 25. At the same time, the company started teasing a brand-new W series model on social media. We broke the news that an Indian-made Kawasaki W175 would debut, and the bike was even sighted testing on our roads at one point. This made-in-India W175 is what we will see on September 25.

After the incredibly lovely W800, it will be the second Kawasaki W model to be sold in India whenever it arrives here. A round headlight and wire-spoke wheels highlight the W175’s clean, bare-bones, vintage appearance, which is remarkably similar to that of its older sibling. The fuel tank and side panels have a rounded appearance, while the instrument cluster and indicators continue the circular design idea.

The W175 will not include expensive features. The instruments will only be analog, further emphasizing the archaic atmosphere, and it is uncertain if it will have an LED headlight. A 177cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine powers it, which is now fuel-injected to comply with India’s BS6 pollution standards. It continues to produce 13 horsepower and 13.2 Nm, which are sent to the rear tyre using a 5-speed gearbox and chain-drive system.

These are quite modest numbers, but the Kawi has one major advantage over other retros on the market: it is a very light machine. As a result, not only should performance levels be adequate, but it is also likely to be much more manageable and approachable than the larger, heavier retros. The average Indian buyer should find the 165mm ground clearance and 790mm seat height reassuring.

The foundation is fairly simple, with wire-spoke wheels, a telescoping fork, and twin shock absorbers. The 17-inch wheels are a plus because they should provide purchasers with more tyre options. On the other hand, both drawbacks are the absence of a rear disc brake at the expected price point of this bike and the rather short rear suspension travel of approximately 65mm. However, if the W175’s W800 brother is any indication, it will be more than the sum of its components. We expect to ride the bike soon to find out how everything works in practice.

The W175 will be the most locally adapted motorcycle Kawasaki offers in India. We anticipate it will cost around Rs 1.5 lakh (ex-showroom), if not a little less.

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