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Kawasaki W175

With its electric and hybrid drivetrain, Kawasaki recently garnered much media attention. The Japanese corporation intends to offer battery-powered and hybrid cars in its lineup by 2035. In that regard, Kawasaki recently unveiled a hybrid prototype that resembled a Ninja 250 and a wholly electric prototype that resembled a Z250. 

With futuristic prototypes on display, Kawasaki India is now prepared to return to traditional and vintage bikes with the potential release of the Kawasaki W175. Given the leaked brochure and Kawasaki’s Block You’re Date invitation for September 25th, W175 will likely be the next offering from the company. Additionally, it is widely believed that it will be produced in India to reduce prices.

The India-Made Kawasaki W175 Brochure

The Kawasaki W175 debut was slated to happen long ago, but it was thought to be postponed indefinitely. India conducted many tests around 2020. Okay, let’s avoid discussing 2020. Even though Kawasaki is best known in India for its multi-cylinder engines, the company has a history of working with Bajaj to offer affordable commuters like the Boxer.

W175 will be anything but budget-friendly, though. It is also available in nations like Indonesia and is aimed at the luxury commuter market. About Indonesia, W175 has received a fresh update. TR, TRSE, and Cafe Racer are the three avatars to choose from. TRSE is a roadster, Cafe Racer is a Cafe Racer, and TR is a scrambler. One regular model will be available in Ebony and Special Edition Red in India.

The India-made Kawasaki W175 will have a halogen headlamp, turn indicators, taillights, an analog speedometer, an odometer, and a trip meter. Additionally, it will have spoked wheels with a simple, minimalist appearance and fewer body panels. Anticipating more? It is a vintage motorcycle, after all. What else do you require?

Kawasaki W175: Specifications, Price, and Rivals

A 177cc single-cylinder engine powers Motorcycle Kawasaki W175. It is an air-cooled motor with a 5-speed gearbox that can produce about 13 bhp at 7,500 RPM and 13.2 Nm at 6,000 RPM. After reading the specifications, one could think that this engine is a bit underwhelming. However, Kawasaki is attempting to make up for it with another image. Its weight is that. Or the absence of it. It is substantially lighter than any classic bike with an engine of this size, weighing only 135 kg.

Even the 150cc FZ X is 139kg heavy. The Kawasaki W175 from India features dual shock absorbers at the back and a typical 110mm front telescopic suspension. The braking system is quite fragile when there are only front disc brakes. Drum brakes are attached to the rear, however. The chassis for all of these has two cradles. However, W175 is likely to have a marginally superior power: weight ratio than its competitors due to its minor weight advantage. W175 is expected to appeal to riders of all heights because of its 790mm seat height.

The Kawasaki W175 doesn’t have many competitors. Regarding high-end vintage bikes, we have FZ X, Royal Enfield, Honda, Jawa, and Yezdi bikes at the low end. Royal Enfield appears to have cemented its position at Rs. 1.5 lakh with the Hunter 350. The price point of Rs. 1.5 lakh is subject to much speculation. The Kawasaki W175 appears like a reasonable option given Kawasaki’s quality reputation and lightweight 135 kg specification.

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