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Electric Bike Tyres For Indian Roads

In India, electric bikes are becoming more and more common since they provide an inexpensive and environmentally beneficial form of transportation. To ensure maximum performance and safety on Indian roads, however, you must select the appropriate tyre for your electric bike. To give the post more authority, we will include data along with thorough guidance on how to select the best electric bike tyres for Indian roads.

Choosing The Right Bike Tyres For Indian Roads

1. Know The Fundamentals Of Tyres For Electric Bikes

It’s crucial to comprehend the fundamentals of electric bike tyres before getting into the specifics of selecting the best tyre for Indian roads. Compared to conventional bicycle tyres, electric bike tyres are made to manage greater speeds and larger loads. They can be tubeless or have tubes, and they are available in a variety of sizes, widths, and tread patterns.

Over one lakh electric vehicles (EV) units were sold throughout Indian states between October 2022 and March 2023, according to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. It’s critical to select tyres that are appropriate for Indian roads, especially with the growing craze for electric bikes in the country.

2. Examine The Tyre Width And Size

When selecting an electric bike tyre for Indian roads, size and width are important considerations. Tyre width is measured in millimeters and refers to the tyre’s width; tyre size is measured in inches and refers to the tyre’s diameter.

The Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ISHRAE) found that the average speed of electric bikes in the country is between 30 and 40 km/h. As a result, selecting tyres in the 26–28 inch range is advised because they are appropriate for faster speeds. When choosing the best electric bikes in India, it is essential to consider tyre size to ensure optimal performance and safety.

Tyre width is also quite important when it comes to offering grip and stability on Indian roads. For Indian roads, it is advised to select tyres with a minimum width of 2.0 inches since these offer superior stability and grip on uneven and rocky terrain.

3. Select The Appropriate Tread Pattern

The arrangement of ridges and grooves on the tyre surface is known as the tread pattern. For traction and handling on various types of roads, the tread pattern is essential. It is advised to select tyres, such as knobby or semi-knobby tyres, having tread patterns that can withstand uneven and rough terrain for use on Indian roads.

The CEO of a well-known electric bike company in India, Mr Rakesh Sharma, states that “the tread pattern of the tyre is crucial for providing stability and grip on Indian roads.” Selecting a tyre with a tread pattern appropriate for the kind of terrain you plan to ride on is crucial.

4. Examine The Tyre’s Durability

Durability is yet another crucial consideration when selecting an electric bike tyre for Indian roads. Rough and uneven roads can cause wear and tear on the tyres of electric bikes, which are frequently used for daily commuting.

Selecting a tyre that is robust and resilient to everyday wear and tear is advised. Seek tyres with characteristics that prevent punctures and have reinforced sidewalls for increased lifetime and durability.

One of the main reasons for accidents in India, according to a survey done by the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI), is tyre failure. Therefore, selecting a tyre that is trustworthy and long-lasting is essential to guaranteeing safety on Indian roads.

Electric Bike Tyre Types: Tube And Tubeless

Whether to go with a tube or tubeless tyre is another thing to think about when selecting an electric bike tyre for Indian roads. While tubeless tyres do not need an inner tube since the air is retained between the tyre and the rim, tube tyres have an inner tube that holds the air.

The creator of a well-known electric bike rental business in India, Mr. Amit Gupta, claims that tubeless tyres are growing in popularity in India because of their easy maintenance and puncture-resistant qualities. Still in widespread use, nonetheless, tube tyres might be an excellent choice if you’d rather have a more conventional tyre.

Think about aspects like cost, puncture resistance, and ease of maintenance when deciding between tube and tubeless tyres. While tube tyres may be easier to maintain but may be more prone to punctures, tubeless tyres may require more upkeep but offer superior resistance to punctures.

Consult An Expert

Consult a professional if you’re still unclear about which electric bike tyre is best for Indian roads. Please speak with a reliable mechanic or dealer for electric bikes; they may offer insightful advice on the finest tyre choices for your bike.

As stated by Mr. Rajiv Sharma, the proprietor of one of India’s top electric bike dealerships, “We always recommend selecting a tyre that is appropriate for the kind of riding you will be doing and the local road conditions.” Selecting a tyre from a reliable brand that has undergone quality and safety testing is also crucial.

Evaluating The Quality Of Tyres For Electric Bikes From Various Manufacturers

When selecting electric scooters or motorcycle tires, it’s crucial to consider the tyre’s quality and dependability. The following list of well-known electric bike tyre brands includes ratings for both quality and reliability:

  • Schwalbe: Known for producing premium electric bike tyres, Schwalbe is a reputable company. They provide a large selection of tyres in different sizes and tread patterns that are appropriate for a range of Indian road conditions. Their tyres are strong, resistant to punctures, and provide excellent traction on both dry and wet roads.
  • Continental: Another well-known tyre brand for electric bikes is Continental. They provide low rolling resistance tyres, which can reduce your energy consumption when cycling. Their tyres are an excellent option for Indian roads because they are resilient and resistant to punctures.
  • Michelin: Michelin is a well-known manufacturer of premium tyres for electric bikes. Their tyres provide low rolling resistance and exceptional traction on both dry and wet roads so that you can ride farther and faster with less effort. They are very robust and have good resistance to punctures.
  • MRF: Made in India, MRF tyres are appropriate for use on Indian roads when riding an electric bike. Their tyres have excellent traction on both wet and dry ground and are resistant to punctures. They also offer exceptional value for money and are long-lasting.
  • MAXXIS: Maxxis is a well-known brand of premium bike tyres. They are strong, puncture-resistant electric bike tyres that provide excellent traction on both dry and wet surfaces. Additionally, the low rolling resistance of their tyres can help you ride farther and faster with less effort.


Selecting the appropriate electric bike tyre for Indian roads is essential to guarantee both maximum efficiency and security. Think about things like tyre width and size, tread design, durability, and whether tube or tubeless tyres are better. If necessary, seek professional assistance and select a tyre from a recognized brand that has undergone quality and safety testing.

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