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How To Shift Gears On A Motorcycle

Shifting gears is one of the most crucial aspects of motorcycle riding. Although it might appear challenging to learn, changing gears is straightforward. However, whether your motorcycle has a manual or semi-automatic transmission will affect how you shift gears.

How To Shift Motorcycle Gears (Two Easy Ways)

There are two ways to shift motorcycle gears.

  • Manual Transmission
  • Semi-Automatic Transmission

Let’s check out how to shift gears in both types of transmissions.

1. Changing Gears On a Manual Transmission

Step 1 – Get Comfortable Using The Gear Shifter, Throttle, And Clutch.

The clutch is located ahead of the left handgrip. It is in charge of delivering engine torque to the transmission. Located on the right-hand grip is the throttle. Roll on the throttle to raise the RPM to keep the engine from stalling. In front of the left foot pedal is a bar that serves as the gear shift. It is in charge of changing gears. Put these into action:

  • Slowly release the clutch lever after you have squeezed it in.
  • To accelerate, roll the throttle toward the rear of the motorcycle.
  • To move more slowly, roll off the throttle toward the front of the motorcycle.
  • The motorcycle will move into first gear if you depress the gear shift. If you are not in neutral or second gear, pressing down on the gear shift will only move you to a lower gear.
  • Press the gear shift to access the other gears. One down and four or five up for manual motorcycles is the typical gear sequence. You can find a neutral between the first and second gear.

Step 2 – Squeeze The Clutch and Press The Starter Button To Start The Motorcycle.

 Make sure your posture is neutral when you relax. On the meter console, neutral is denoted by a green “N” light; all the latest bikes have this feature. You ought to be perched on the bike’s saddle at this point.

Step 3 – Shift The Car Into First Gear.

Close the throttle first, and then fully engage the clutch. Pushing downward on the shifter will also put the gearshift into first gear. When the motorcycle begins to roll slowly, slowly open the clutch and open the throttle. Start increasing your throttle input after this and fully letting go of the clutch.

  • Wait until the motorcycle moves before releasing the clutch; keep the throttle and clutch synchronized. Continue gently and steadily, releasing the clutch lever as the motorcycle picks up speed.

Step 4 – Change Up To A Higher Gear.

When your speed is high enough to warrant changing to a higher gear, roll off the gas and squeeze the clutch. Put your left foot’s toes under the shift peg and raise the peg as far as it will allow. Adjusting the gear shift further upward can keep shifting into higher ratios. A bump advances to second place, third, fourth, and so on. 

NOTE: An experienced rider can change gears without using the clutch. When he down-blips the throttle, the next higher gear will engage after lightly raising the shifter with his foot. It takes effort to do this smoothly, but it reduces the time required for shifting and marginally lengthens the clutch plates’ lifespan.

  • You will find neutral if you lift your foot halfway while in first gear.
  • You’re neutral if you let go of the clutch, roll on the throttle, and nothing occurs. Squeeze the clutch and lift it again.
  • Do not worry if you accidentally skip a gear. If you match the throttle to the selected gear, it won’t harm the bike.

Step 5 – Change Down To A Lower Gear.

As you depress the clutch, roll off (shut) the throttle. The gear shift peg must be depressed and then released. To match your traveling speed, smoothly adjust the clutch and throttle together. Keep the throttle closed as you slow down, engage the clutch, and alternate pressing and releasing the shifter until the first gear is selected.

2. Changing Gears In a Semi-Automatic Transmission

Step 1 – Learn The Necessary Controls.

On a motorcycle with a semi-automatic gearbox, all you have to do to change gears is throttle the engine and utilize the gear shift. Using the gear shift on a semi-automatic activates both controls simultaneously because the clutch is connected.

Step 2 – Start The Bike.

Before shifting gears, straddle the bike and make sure it is neutral.

Step 3 – Set The Gearshift To First.

All you need to do is open the throttle and depress the gear shift lever with one click. The first gear is always accessible by lowering the gear shift a notch, while the other gears are accessible by raising the gear shift.

Step 4 – Change To A Higher Gear.

Use the same procedure as entering first gear to do this. As you accelerate, use your toe to push the gear shift higher. You can put it into second gear by pushing the button once, third gear by giving it another gear, and so on.

Step 5 – Change Down To a Lower Gear.

You can downshift into lower gears by pressing down on the gear shift to slow down and eventually come to a stop. When you come to a stop, put your bike in neutral.

Both manual and semi-automatic transmissions require you to shift into the next gear in this manner. All you need to do is follow these easy steps.

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