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Why We Should Not Remove Rear view Mirror From The Motorcycle

Mirror deletes, or put, taking off the rear view mirror of a motorcycle for aesthetic purposes, is a pretty common modification done by young newbie riders. Although any rider who deserves to be on the road would already know the answer to this query, we nevertheless frequently observe motorbikes of all sizes and shapes traveling the roads without mirrors.

Why Do People Remove Their Rear View Mirrors? 

Let’s face it, most bikes, large and small, are equipped with rearview mirrors designed to adhere to generally accepted safety standards in terms of their size and field of view. As a result, the stock mirrors, even on some high-end motorcycles, frequently fall short in appearance. 

For instance, the Yamaha MT15 V2 has a pair of stock mirrors that give the bike a pretty odd appearance. It is a crisp and aggressively shaped motorcycle.

Nevertheless, removing your motorcycle’s rear view mirror gives it an unquestionably sleeker, more race-oriented appearance. There are aftermarket rearview mirrors that are much more stylish yet provide a certain level of safety, but many motorbike riders choose to run no mirrors at all. 

What Are The Benefits Of Removing Your Rear View Mirrors? 

Removing your rearview mirrors is beneficial when it comes to racing or on-track situations. The majority of racing venues across the world demand that competitors either remove or tape up the rearview mirrors on their bikes. This is to prevent unwanted glass fragments from spraying across the track in the event of a collision or tip-over.

However, there is absolutely no advantage to eliminating your horse’s mirrors while driving. It’s prohibited, and you risk receiving a citation and a fine. The Land Transportation Office does require that all motorbikes be equipped with two rearview mirrors, one on each side. 

Should You Do It? 

The unequivocal response to this query is no. In addition to being against the law, riding a bike without mirrors poses a risk to everyone nearby, including drivers of cars, pedestrians, and other cyclists. The rear-view mirrors on all motorcycles are undoubtedly there for a reason. Therefore it might be wise to leave them in place.

There are various aftermarket solutions for rear view mirrors if you need to give your prized steed a more streamlined appearance.

The sports bike riders can choose to have mirrors mounted on their more streamlined fairings. Bar-end mirrors are an attractive option for riders who dress retro-style; they may even provide a wider field of vision. Many aftermarket producers, including Rizoma and HD Corse, create streamlined mirrors that adhere to generally recognized safety regulations.

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