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How To Look Good On A Motorcycle

It must be easy for you to look attractive while riding a motorbike. That’s what Hollywood tells us, at least. In movies, biker girls take off their helmets, shake their hair slowly and scout the area for a Vogue photographer. That always gives me the Willies. Because it takes a bit more effort to look decent riding a motorbike in the real world.

It pays to have a plan if you want to appear attractive while riding a motorbike. Take on the motorbike makeup and helmet hair challenges first. The next step is to select protective and fashionable motorcycle safety equipment. You’re ready to ride in style once you add color and flair to your appearance. 

Motorcycles have unique fashion difficulties. There are some evil forces at work on a motorbike. If you want to ride a motorbike in style, you must be able to handle them. So what exactly is the issue?

The 5 Challenges To Motorcycle Fashion

Let’s examine what we are dealing with in more detail.

1. Safety, Not Style, Is The Focus Of Motorcycle Clothing

Yes, that implies that it is useful, but often unsightly. In fact, it’s monkey-butt ugly. When you are fully wrapped from head to toe in heavy safety gear, it is difficult to appear decent (or even feminine).

2. There Are 25 Layers Covering You

You must dress in layers because riding a motorbike requires being outside in all weather. The way you look, you’re somewhat like a deep-dish lasagne. Sadly, it doesn’t taste as good as it sounds.

3. Helmet Hair Is Common

Helmet hair threatens your aesthetic. At the conclusion of a ride, take off your helmet and observe as the neighborhood kids flee in panic.

4. In A Roaring Wind Tunnel That Might Also Be Scorching Hot, Your Cosmetics Are Being Tested

Cosmetics weren’t developed with motorcycle difficulties in mind. The liquid foundation was never intended to be liquid. After 100 miles in the rain, mascara looks like a 4-year-old’s finger painting.

5. High Heels And Gaudy Jewelry Are Unacceptable

You know the accessories you use regularly, right? Perhaps a pair of gorgeous heels, bracelets, or long earrings? Don’t even consider it!

Here, they are all off the table.

They are useless when riding a motorbike. And sometimes risky. You’re doomed if your flowing scarf gets tangled up in a turning wheel. Instead of giving up, try reaching for your car keys. You only need to try a few of my clever little ploys.

How To Look Good On A Motorcycle: 8 Easy Steps

1. Your Bike Helmet

The most critical piece of safety equipment you wear should be your helmet. What could be more crucial than safeguarding your head? Your helmet must adhere to stringent safety requirements since it performs such a crucial function. However, that does not mean it must be unattractive! Motorbike helmets can be made more attractive in two ways:

  • Add a few extras.
  • Just purchase a stunning helmet.

2. Taking Care Of Helmet Hair

You cannot avoid helmet hair, which is terrible. Before the birds come in and build nests in those gorgeous tangles, you must swiftly remedy them.

3. Motorcycle Helmet Make-Up

Another obstacle for the motorbike woman who is even the slightest bit concerned about style. Less is more in cosmetics when wearing a motorbike helmet. Your daily schedule might need to be simplified. Don’t give in to the temptation of applying 12 layers of products in the vain hope some will remain in place after your ride.

The truth is that they probably won’t since makeup on a helmet slides around and melts, especially when it’s raining or hot outside. When you remove your helmet, you don’t want to appear like Scary Barbie.

4. The Motorcycle Jacket

On a motorcycle, a stylish motorcycle jacket can greatly improve your appearance. It attracts attention initially. Gorgeous leather jackets make up for unsightly safety equipment. Every day of the week, a leather jacket looks nicer than a textile jacket. But it’s not only elegant. As appropriate safety equipment, it works well. The back, shoulders, and elbows of a high-quality leather motorcycle jacket will be protected.

It provides a strong and reliable barrier between you and the road. Additionally, there is the wind. Additionally, some coats have a thermal inner that you may zip out or leave in depending on the weather. You gain another layer of comfort.

When you go out for a motorbike weekend, a stylish leather jacket also looks terrific with jeans. You may put it on to wear to a bar or restaurant.

5. Add Some Shine Or Color

The majority of motorcycle safety gear is only available in one color, as you may have noticed. The color is black. And yes, that is advantageous in that it slims down and complements anything. But wearing black quickly becomes monotonous. Take action and inject some colour into all that monotonous black. There are countless ways to accomplish this. Here are some concepts.

  • A vivid scarf that adds color and protects your neck.
  • a length of jewelry that you can tuck inside your jacket till you get
  • a delicate pink lip color that makes you look younger.
  • stud earrings that aren’t too high to catch in your helmet, or
  • A bright T-shirt that you can see once you’ve removed all the outer coverings.

6. A Suitable T-Shirt

Motorcycle t-shirts are a cheap way to spice up your appearance. And now for some urgent information. You are NOT required to dress in a motorcycle t-shirt with a skull with blood coming out of its eye sockets. It should be forbidden to wear ridiculous motorbike T-shirts! Really, there’s no explanation for some repulsive, trashy designs! If chosen correctly, a motorcycle T-shirt can be stylish and feminine.

7. Jeans For Motorcycles

It’s tempting to ride your bike in your favorite pants, don’t you think? They fit in all the right places and are silky and comfortable. They may be attractive, but what if you fall off? They won’t protect your legs if they aren’t motorcycle jeans. And they’ll rip apart in an instant.

Here, you have two safety choices: appropriate motorcycle jeans or leather motorcycle trousers. If done properly, both alternatives can serve as safety equipment while also reminding you that, yes, there is a woman inside! It’s true that neither will be as cozy as your favorite denim. On a motorcycle, however, it IS possible to find a pair that fits well and enhances your appearance. To find the ones, it pays to keep looking.

8. Boots And Gloves

Motorcycle gloves and boots are simple and functional. They remain unsightly when the light is turned off. Their saving grace is that they cover and insulate your extremities. They are essential fundamental safety necessities. However, don’t waste your time making them look witty. Pay attention to motorcycle attire aspects that can be improved.

We believe we have covered everything. There you have it, then. This is a straightforward guide to motorbike fashion.

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