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How to Reduce Your Two Wheeler Insurance Premium

In the twentieth century, we all use motorcycles. You will not find people who do not use motorcycles. Everyone who owns a motorcycle pays an insurance premium. There is extra pressure on the pocket when the motorcycle insurance premium has been paid. That’s why everyone wants its cost to be a little less. Do you know how to reduce the cost of motorcycle insurance premiums? If you don’t know, I’ll tell you the best way. And know more about the things to consider before buying a bike.

How To Reduce The Cost Of Bike Insurance Premiums

#1 Renew Your Insurance Policy on Time 

Please ensure you renew the bike insurance within the particular due date and do not let it lapse. When your motor insurance lapses, the NCB benefit is valid only for 90 days from the due date and lapses later on. Your bike insurance renewal should be done before the due date to avoid a higher premium.

#2 Avoid Raising Small Claims

When you renew the bike insurance policy,  the insurer will offer a No Claim Bonus (NCB). If you have not raised any claim during the policy period, you can go up to 50%. Small or insignificant claims will avoid the discount in the form of NCB while renewing the policy.

#3 Compare Insurance Policies

To compare insurance policies available for your two-wheeler in the market and the best method to do that is to compare bike insurance online. The internet helps you connect with insurance companies. Check the coverage, and additional benefits offered by insurers and ensure you find the most suitable bike insurance which offers higher coverage at a lower insurance premium.

#4 Install Anti-Theft Devices

The Insurance companies offer lower bike insurance premiums if you have secured your two-wheeler with security devices such as anti-theft alarms. It reflects your intent to secure your bike and avoid unwanted damages or loss.

#5 Choose Suitable Add-on Covers

Add-on covers provide your additional coverage to the standard comprehensive insurance policy. You have to pay an additional premium.

#6 Same Insurance Company

If you have bought insurance such as health, and travel, from a particular insurance company, buy the bike insurance policy from the same insurer. The insurance company may offer a discount on the bike insurance premium by loyalty points that may be used.

#7 No Claim Bonus (NCB)

This point is more important for you. If you are renewing the insurance with the same insurer or with a new insurance Company ensure that you make use of the NCB to discount the premium. If you have renewed with the same insurer, ensure you do not raise small claims so that you can not lose out on the NCB.

#8 Ask for Discounts

There is no loss in asking for a discount while renewing or buying new insurance for your two-wheeler. Insurers may offer discounts to promote their insurance policies. Get a discount to reduce the bike insurance premium.

#9 Keep Driving Records

You are awarded the no claim bonus(NCB) for driving safely and not raising any claims during the policy period. Then New-age digital insurance companies may review your driving habits to bend the premium. Ensure you maintain a good track record.


You have wanted to save on the premium cost of insurance. I would like to say not to compromise on the coverage, the policy offers. Please do not let premium be the only determinant factor while buying an insurance policy. Also, know the documents required for two wheeler purchase.

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