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How To Start A Motorcycle Without Kick And Self-Start

There’s nothing more annoying than when your motorcycle refuses to start, especially when you’re out on a scenic trip. No, we are not talking about the problems with bikes in winter. Sometimes we find ourselves in such hopeless situations because of our stupidity.

Some situations become so severe that we are not able to start the bike even with kick and self-start. So what to do in such a situation? How to start a bike?

Don’t worry. We are here to explain how you can fix the problem yourself. Let us know how you can start a motorcycle without kick and self-start.

Ways to Start A Motorcycle Without Kick And Self-Start

#Probably No 1

Take a second battery of the same size and touch both of its panels to the panels of your battery before touching SELF.

Put the bike in first gear and, with another two-help, wheeler’s push it through the leg. Once it hits 15 km/h, let go of the clutch. The cold bike can require two or three PUSHES in total.

Check the self-fuse. Button Sometimes, it takes a fuse change to activate the Self button.

When not in use, always keep the self-button (from the inside) clean by covering it. 

#Probably No 2

Pull the throttle a few times to get fuel moving while the bike is in the second gear.

Holding the clutch lever, accelerate the bike until it is moving at a safe speed. Once it’s moving, let the clutch out, and your bike starts on its own while the engine and gears drag.

You might be able to do it perfectly if you give it a few tries; else, you risk exhausting yourself.

This task is simpler if the road has a little dip or downhill slope. Since first gear has too much friction and is challenging to manage when pushing oneself, it is simpler in second gear.

If you want to start rolling while you ride, you can ask someone to push your bike.

#Probably No 3

Maintain the bike in second gear, drive it at 10 KM/H, and then suddenly let off the clutch. The bike will start when the piston moves, and the clutch will close. You may start your bike this way without using Kick Start.

Put the bike on the center stand, go to the fourth gear, and then quickly twist the back wheel. You may start your bike in the same manner. I hope this will be useful to you.

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