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How To Make Your Electric Bike Go Faster

Although many people choose to commute by electric bike, other riders may find that they desire to go faster. Thankfully, there are numerous approaches to enhancing your electric bike’s performance and speed. In this post, we’ll provide you with professional advice and riding methods to help you go farther and faster.

1. Improve The Battery

Upgrading your battery is one of the best strategies to get your electric bike to move faster. You can travel farther and quicker with a battery that has a greater voltage since it will give your motor more power. Upgrading to a higher voltage battery can boost your speed by up to 3-5 mph, per a study by

2. Install A Motor With More Power

Adding a more potent engine to your electric bike is another method of increasing its speed. You can accelerate more quickly and climb slopes more efficiently with a higher-powered motor since it will provide greater torque. Upgrading to a more potent motor can enhance your speed by as much as 10-15 mph, according to industry analyst John Edgar, founder of Electric Bike Report.

3.     Make Use Of Lightweight Parts

Your electric bike’s weight may have an impact on its speed. Your bike will be lighter overall if you choose lightweight parts like carbon fiber handlebars, rims, and frames. This will help you accelerate and maintain more incredible speeds. Using lightweight components can enhance your speed by as much as 2-3 mph, according to a BikeRadar study.

4. Change The Tyre Pressure

The speed of your electric vehicles can also be impacted by proper tyre pressure. Underinflated tires can cause drag and slow you down, so make sure your tires are inflated to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure. Research published in Cycling Weekly claims that you can gain one to two miles per hour by modifying the pressure in your tires.

5. Reduce Wind Resistance

Your electric bike’s speed might also be significantly affected by wind resistance. To decrease wind resistance and increase your speed, think about utilizing aerodynamic parts like a fairing, aero bar, or a streamlined helmet. Using aerodynamic components can enhance your speed by up to 5-7 mph, according to a study.

6. Modify The Gear Ratio

The amount of power you receive from each pedal stroke on your electric bike is determined by the gear ratio. Changing the gear ratio installed on your E-bike can help you achieve more speed. Since this is a sophisticated improvement, it is advised to speak with an expert before making any modifications.

7. Boost Your Riding Technique

Finally, honing your riding technique is one of the finest ways to increase the speed of your electric bike by becoming proficient at shifting gears and maximizing power with your body.

You may significantly boost the pace of your electric scooter or bike and have a faster, more thrilling ride by using this professional advice and methods. It’s crucial to remember that altering your electric bike might be risky and might make your warranty void. Always get professional advice before making any changes.

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