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How To Clean And Lube Motorcycle Chain

Maintaining one’s motorcycle is one of life’s greatest pleasures for an enthusiast simple actions like washing your bike qualify as this, as do more involved processes like full service. One of the simplest and most fundamental maintenance tasks you can perform on your motorcycle is changing the oil. Here is a detailed explanation.

The first thing you should do is read the owner’s manual for your motorcycle and make a note of the information regarding the recommended oil change frequency and grade. Likely, the manual will also provide thorough instructions and pictures on how to change the oil. No matter the bike you ride, such as the most popular bike in India, the fundamental steps are the same. All you have to do is have the appropriate tools (which are typically included in the bike’s tool kit) and adhere to the following procedures.

5 Steps to Clean And Lube Motorcycle Chain

1. Locate The Proper Oil

For the quality and volume of oil that must be added, consult the instructions; for the TVS Star City Plus, those requirements were 10W/30 and one liter.

2. Remove The Oil

To warm the oil, let the motorcycle idle for a few minutes. This method will lessen its viscosity, enabling it to drain quickly. Place a tray below the oil sump to catch wasted oil as soon as your motorcycle is on its center stand. The drain bolt, which is often an enormous bolt situated at the bottom, can be removed with the proper spanner. Hold the bike upright to let the oil drain entirely if the cycle doesn’t have a central stand. You should not touch the oil directly as it could burn your hands.

3. Put Back The Drain Bolt

To reinstall the bolt, clean it first. Put the drain bolt back in and tighten it adequately when the oil has entirely drained, which can take five to ten minutes.

4. Open The Engine Oil Filler Cap

Put the oil tray away from where you work to prevent an accidentally spilled oil. Above the crankcase, you’ll find the oil cover on the right side of the bike. Remove the oil cover, then store it safely. What should clean the region around the engine oil cap?

5. Fill New Oil

To accurately judge the oil level on the dipstick or the oil level check window (placed on the crankcase), your motorcycle should ideally be upright while you add oil. We used Motul engine oil with a neck extension to simplify pouring. Alternatively, you can employ a funnel. When finished, cleanly wipe the oil cap and screw it back on.

6. Check Each Bolt Twice

Securely tighten the oil cover and drain bolt. The motorcycle should be started and given some time to idle. Verify for leaks. Remember that used oil should be properly disposed of because it is hazardous waste. You should be able to get assistance with this from any auto repair shop.

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