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Hero MotoCorp added new features to their most affordable commuter bike a few months ago. Here, we’re talking about the Hero Splendor Plus Xtec. The Splendor with the most excellent features available is the Splendor Plus Xtec. The bike’s performance specs and mechanics are the same, but it has some notable changes, such as new, contemporary features. This article will cover the benefits and drawbacks of the Hero Splendor Plus Xtec.

Hero Splendor Plus Xtec: Pros

splendor plus xtec colours

Fuel Efficient Engine

The 97.2cc engine that powers the Splendor Plus Xtec model still generates 7.8 bhp of power and 8.02 Nm of peak torque. A 4-speed gearbox is linked to the engine. This engine is renowned for its incredible fuel efficiency, and it continues to run well today. The Splendor Plus Xtec may quickly achieve 80 km/l or more in urban driving and 90 km/l or more on highways with this engine.

New Features

Customers now find the Splendor Plus more tempting thanks to the new functions that have been added. A new all-digital arrangement for the instrument cluster may provide a range of information while the car is moving. The instantaneous fuel efficiency displayed by the MID will be advantageous for frequent commuters. Additionally, the Xtec has Bluetooth connectivity, which facilitates the rider’s ability to see call and message notifications. Hero has also included a USB charger to satisfy contemporary clients.

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Ride Quality and Handling

The Splendor is well known for offering its passengers an extraordinarily comfortable and seamless ride. The long, flat seat easily accommodates two adults. Its kerb weight of 112 kg makes it quite handy in heavy traffic. The suspension setup can readily handle any kind of road, including undulations. It smoothly moves through traffic and rolls over typical potholes without posing any issues for the rider. The bike is practical for long-distance riding as well as regular workplace runs.

Hero Splendor Plus Xtec: Cons


Drum brakes still stop the motorcycle; however, they aren’t always reliable. Hero Bikes has improved braking power with a combined braking system, allowing the bike to engage the brakes linearly. Hero could have enhanced the braking if they had included front disc brakes as an optional feature.


The Hero Splendor Plus Xtec is now more costly than its rivals due to added features. The Splendor Plus in its Xtec variant is priced at Rs 95,520. (Ex-showroom Delhi). Conversely, rival models such as the TVS Radeon have a starting price of Rs. 75,325. (previous showroom).

hero splendor plus xtec price 2024


Hero Splendor leads the market and provides riders with the best performance daily. Despite the price rise, the bike is now better and more appealing to buyers because of the new features. Even if you decide to buy a 100cc bike, the engine is still an excellent choice for fuel efficiency.

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