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yamaha rx100

The 2026 Yamaha RX100 will not use the same 100cc 2-stroke engine as the previous design.

As the motorcycle that took root in India for the Japanese two-wheeler maker, the Yamaha RX100 needs no introduction in that country. There is no doubt that the best 100cc bikes in India are perfect for the commuter bike segment in India.

Yamaha RX100 Launch Plans Confirmed

Mr. Ishin Chihana, Chairman, of Yamaha Motor India, in an interview with BusinessLine, showed his interest in reintroducing the “RX100” brand. However, he quickly adds that pollution laws prohibit the model from having a two-stroke engine.

He also argued that the name “RX100” should not be used carelessly as it would damage the reputation of the motorcycle. Additionally, he said that there are products in the business for release by 2025 and suggested that the Nex-Gen RX100 may not launch until 2026 or later.

Yamaha RX100 History

When it comes to Yamaha RX100, the company collaborated with Escorts Group to launch the motorcycle in India in 1985. It’s also important to note that the RX-S, not the original RX100 or RS100DX, serves as the basis for the RX100. Introduced in India.

In India, the Yamaha RX100 was still being produced till the end of 1996. But from 1985 to 1987, the Yamaha was sold as a CKD item in India. The 98.2cc, two-stroke engine of the original produces a maximum of 10.45Nm and 11bhp. However, many experts argue that these numbers are conservative.

Yamaha switched from RX100 to RXG after 1996 to comply with Indian emission laws and regulations. The basic and secondary deductions were the primary revisions. Later a heavy flywheel was also used to stop the sudden acceleration.

Yamaha introduced the Yamaha RXZ in 1997, although this model featured a completely redesigned chassis and a shorter wheelbase. Additionally, this model produced 12 horsepower, which was slightly more power. There are new bodywork and a significantly sportier overall look and improvements.

Yamaha introduced the RX135 next year, promising better refinement and fuel efficiency. However, sales estimates were at best because up to this point, modern 4-stroke bikes had mostly taken over the market. Later, a 5-speed version of this motorbike was also released, and had a peak output of 14 horsepower, making it the fastest RX series model ever produced.

Last but not least, Yamaha also unveiled the 4-speed RX135 motorbike, which features a small catalytic converter, tank graphics reminiscent of the RX100, and a twin-pod speedometer. This model was sold from 2003 to 2005.

Thoughts on the Yamaha RX 100

For Yamaha in India, the RX100 represents much more than just a motorbike. Yamaha’s legendary reputation among fans in the country was established with the introduction of the motorcycle. In India, the motorbike has also developed a cult-like following. There are various low maintenance bikes available in India, depending on your budget and purpose to choose from.

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