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Ampere Vehicles, a leading name in sustainable urban mobility, has unveiled its latest innovation – the Ampere Nexus Electric Scooter. This eco-friendly two-wheeler is poised to revolutionize urban commuting with its sleek design, robust performance, and emission-free operation.

Sleek Design

The Ampere Nexus electric scooter comes in four eye-catching colors, catering to diverse tastes and preferences. Whether you’re drawn to Midnight Black’s sophistication, Arctic White’s elegance, Ocean Blue’s vibrancy, or Fire Red’s energy, there’s a shade to match your style. The Ampere scooter comes in two different variants, EX and ST. This newly launched Amere Nexus has a touch screen.

Sustainable Range

With a focus on eco-conscious engineering, the Nexus boasts a powerful electric motor that delivers agile performance without compromising sustainability, especially with a range of up to 136km with a 3kwh battery life. Its lithium-ion battery ensures long-range capabilities, allowing riders to navigate city streets while reducing their carbon footprint easily. The all-new eco-friendly Nexus scooter is priced at around 1.1 to 1.2 lakh (ex-showroom).

Safety Assurance

Safety remains a top priority for Ampere Vehicles, and the Nexus is equipped with advanced features to safeguard riders on every journey. From responsive braking systems to intuitive LED lighting, every aspect is designed to enhance rider confidence and promote road safety.

Official Word

At the launch event, Ampere Vehicles CEO emphasized the company’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. “The Ampere Nexus Electric Scooter embodies our vision for clean, efficient urban mobility. With its dynamic performance and stylish design, we believe it will resonate with environmentally-conscious consumers seeking smarter transportation solutions.”

The launch of the Ampere Scooter marks a significant milestone in the electric vehicle industry, signaling a shift towards greener and more sustainable transportation options. As cities worldwide embrace eco-friendly initiatives, the Nexus stands ready to lead toward a cleaner, brighter future.

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