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Can TVS Venture Into The 300cc Streetfighter And ADV Segment

TVS Motors and BMW Motorcycles Company signed a partnership in April 2013. They aim to produce and build sub-500cc subs for the global market. The collaboration resulted in products being developed using the 310cc platform.

BMW Motorrad has exclusive reserved rights to manufacture the Roadster and ADV based on the 310 platforms, while TVS has secured the rights to produce the SuperSport bikes based on the same platform. These bike options were based on the understanding between BMW and TVS. TVS targeted the supersport segment and made the Apache RR 310, and BMW made a streetfighter (G 310 R) and an ADV (G 310 GS).

But now, with the arrival of the recently launched BMW G 310 RR, the possibility has opened up for TVS to enter the streetfighter and ADV segments. After testing the BS6 versions of the motorcycle G 310 R and G 310 GS quite a bit, the bikes need to be improved in a few departments. If TVS ever decides to make an Apache RTR 310, or 310 ADV, here are a few things that could make the package even better.

Better Tyres

BMW G 310R is liked for its lightness, but its handling capabilities are held back by the just about adequate grip of its Michelin Pilot Street tyres. If TVS can swap them for a pair of Michelin Road 5’s, the same tires that have performed exceptionally well on the BS6 Apache RR 310, TVS will also significantly enhance the RTR 310’s handling. This improvement will probably enable TVS to bring. RTR 310 with actual handling capability. What could BMW have achieved with the G310 R model?

Instrument Cluster

The BMW G 310 R and G 310 GS were their older LCD instrument clusters. The full-color TFT screen of the TVS Apache RR 310 could make it one of the two fictional bikes.

What might sweeten the deal is that TVS will equip the instrument cluster with SmartConnect, including features like navigation, post-ride analytics, and a gear shift assist indicator.


BMW G 310 R and G 310 GS are priced at Rs 2,85,000 and Rs 3,25,000 (ex-showroom Delhi). The BMW’s service and spare part costs are exorbitantly expensive, although the prices have become more reasonable since their last update. TVS bikes may cap the price of the RTR 310 and 310 ADV, which will control the maintenance cost of these bikes.

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