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OLA S1 Pro on-road

If you are looking to buy an electric scooter, then Ola S1 Pro from Ola Electric can be a perfect option. The Ola S1 Pro is available in one variant and five color options, i.e.– Jet Black, Matt White, Stellar Blue, Midnight Blue, and Amethyst.

Ola Electric’s flagship scooter, the S1 Pro, was replaced by a second-generation model in 2023. It has some upgrades compared to the company’s first-generation scooter and is built on the Gen 2 platform. It consists of a double-sided swingarm, a standard telescopic fork, and a flat floorboard.

The electric motor of the OlA S1 Pro Gen 2 has a maximum power output of 11kW, although its continuous power output is only 5kW instead of 5.5kW. Ola says that the Gen 2 scooter accelerates from 0 to 40 kmph in 2.6 seconds compared to the S1 Pro. Its top speed is 120 km per hour. Here are the on-road prices of the Ola S1 Pro in the top cities of India.

OLA S1 Pro on-road price in top cities

CityS1 Pro Standard
Mumbai₹ 1,63,040
Delhi ₹ 1,62,470
Pune₹ 1,63,040
Banglore₹ 1,63,552
Navi Mumbai ₹ 1,63,040
Hyderabad ₹ 1,62,775
Ahmedabad ₹ 1,74,691
Chennai ₹ 1,63,873
Kolkata₹ 1,69,230
Chandigarh ₹ 1,62,960
Patna₹ 1,72,636
Surat₹ 1,74,691

Ola has increased its riding range by implementing some technical adjustments. The certified range of the scooter is 195 kilometers in Eco mode. The electric scooter has three additional settings apart from Eco: Normal, Sports, and Hyper.  

The weight of the scooter has also been reduced as a result of the chassis modifications; At present, its weight is 116 kg. Because of this, the scooter must be light and maneuverable. The braking system of the S1 Pro consists of disc brakes at both ends.

This electric scooter has a 7-inch TFT display, GPS, and Bluetooth connectivity. Apart from this, the Ola S1 Pro has LED lights, cruise control, and a hill hold. If we talk about similar electric scooters present in the market, then the direct competition of Ola S1 Pro is with Ather 450 Apex, Ather 450X, and Simple Energy One.

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