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Harley Davidson X350 and X500 Motorcycle Launched

The Harley Davidson X350 and X500 will receive none of the state-of-the-art riding aids offered with larger capacity Harley bikes to keep the prices down.

With its latest range of budget-friendly neo-retro roadsters, Harley Davidson motorcycles is set to compete in the booming Chinese auto market. The new Harley bikes, with model numbers X350 and X500, were made in partnership with Chinese industrial giant QJ Motor Bikes and are expected to go on sale on March 10, as indicated by the teaser. These motorcycles will mainly be “Made in China” with Harley branding and some distinctive features. Harley will offer both bikes worldwide. The initial units of the new bikes have now reached the USA.

Harley-Davidson X350 and X500: Details

The Harley Davidson X350 and X500 have recently received additional details ahead of their launch. The new X350 and X500 bikes have a liquid-cooled, parallel-twin engine instead of the V-twin engine usually used with most Harley-Davidson motorbikes. While this may not be in line with Harley’s legacy, it may help keep the price of these bikes reasonable.

Even though official specifications have not been revealed, the names of these new Harleys indicate their displacement. Based on QJ Motor’s current bikes of comparable power, a plausible estimate of the X350’s power output would be around 30-35 horsepower. In contrast, the larger-capacity X500 can produce a maximum output of around 50 hp. A 6-speed gearbox is expected to be included in both motorcycles. The Harley Davidson X350 and X500 share many hardware components to reduce manufacturing costs. Some notable features are USD forks, offset mono-shock suspension at rear, dual front discs, and dual-channel ABS.

While its higher-capacity sister uses conventional discs, the X350 uses petal discs. Chain drives on bikes should reduce maintenance costs. A chain drive configuration will make it easy to handle even challenging conditions.

Harley-Davidson X350 and X500: Styling

Both bikes feature neo-retro roadster styling with some Harley Davidson XR1200 aesthetic cues. Key elements include circular LED headlamps, halogen turn indicators, rounded rearview mirrors, conventional fuel tank design, and underbody exhaust. Users can look forward to a pleasant ride with the ergonomic handlebar position and center footpegs. The instrument pod on the Harley Davidson X350 and X500 is round and semi-digital. A small rectangular LCD panel and an analog speedometer make up the display, which is rather basic. Due to the semi-digital setup, the new Harleys will miss out on state-of-the-art connectivity features.

Apart from China, Harley is also looking to target India’s fast-growing middleweight market. Here is the joint venture of Hero MotoCorp and the American company. The general strategy will be the same as in the Chinese market. The Harley-Hero motorcycle will largely compete with Royal Enfield bikes and the new Bajaj-Triumph models.

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