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BMW G 310 lineup

ShiftCam variable valve timing is heading to BMW Motorrad’s single-cylinder G 310 lineup.

One of the less spectacular components of BMW’s G 310 single-cylinder model lineup has been the 312cc engine, and the German company may soon be ready to fix this problem with an update.

BMW G 310 lineup gets new ShiftCam engine

According to a recent patent application, BMW bikes is developing ShiftCam technology for single-cylinder engines with double overhead camshafts. The only single-cylinder models in BMW’s lineup are the G 310 bike and the C 400 GT series of scooters. Still, the latter only uses an overhead camshaft, so these patent images probably pertain to the G 310 range (unless BMW develops Happening) all-new single-cylinder engine).

The mechanism slides the intake camshaft on its axis, using a solenoid actuator to connect the various cam profiles to the inlet valves. One cam profile is designed for low RPM, short duration, and low lift, while the other is designed for high RPM and has a lift and long duration. The exhaust valves maintain similar timing, duration, and lift throughout the rev range, while only the inlet valves exhibit this variability.

There is no information on whether BMW and TVS Motors, with whom it collaborates for 310cc models, are jointly developing this system. As a performance-oriented motorcycle, TVS’s Apache RR 310, which previously used the same powerplant as the BMW G 310 line, could benefit from the new ShiftCam technology.

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