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Bajaj pulsar electric

A Bajaj Pulsar Electric launch with Chetak EV technology is planned for 2022. KTM and Husqvarna EVs will also be available in India.


  • Electric vehicles sold by Bajaj Auto in India under the Pulsar brand with partners such as KTM and Husqvarna are also mentioned.
  • Future EV technology research and manufacturing for Bajaj will be done by Chetak Technology.
  • Bajaj has opened a new manufacturing plant in Pune for its subsidiary Chetak Technology.

Bajaj Pulsar Electric in India

Rakesh Sharma, Senior Executive at Bajaj Auto, spoke about the company’s EV goals and emphasized that it would like to maintain a good synergy between its existing ICE-powered cars and potential EV models. Sharma claims that there is no need for any fundamental change in strategy; thus, the business is hesitant to go completely with its EV offering.

Bajaj Auto has hinted at the possibility of selling EVs in India under well-known brands like Pulsar. In addition, Bajaj Auto is collaborating with companies like KTM and Husqvarna to launch electric bikes in India, respectively, for the Indian market. This latest information was released after Bajaj Auto opened an office for its subsidiary, Chetak Technology, in Akurdi, Pune. The new facility will serve as a starting point for the manufacturing and introduction of electric cars for the Indian and international markets.

Currently, the Ather 450X, Ola S1 Pro, and other luxury electric scooters compete against Bajaj’s Chetak. To further its EV goals, Bajaj has set up a subsidiary with Chetak Technology by the same name.

Bajaj Auto EV Portfolio

Chetak Technology, a division created to serve the corporate sector, will soon enter the market with electric vehicles both domestically and internationally. By 2030, experts say, half of all new motorcycles sold will be electric vehicles, with the remaining half still running on internal combustion engines.

Bajaj Bikes has also prepared vertical and horizontal expansion plans for the EV market. The CEO pointed to potential niche markets that could be set up under the Bajaj Auto or Chetak Technology brands. These could take the form of Pulsar-branded electric two-wheelers, though RE-badged EV three-wheelers are also possible. It has also been revealed that Husqvarna will produce an electric scooter, while KTM is set to produce an electric motorcycle.

Bajaj may manufacture electric vehicles that employ comparable mechanical components and modify the current Pulsar series with minimal or no visible variation. Bajaj may produce a complete line of EV Pulsar for both domestic and international markets.

Chetak’s Global Expansion

With an emphasis on ASEAN countries, Chetak technology also has many aspirations for international development. Bajaj’s underpowered motorcycles and scooters should do well in the larger ASEAN market. Post-Corona pandemic, the supply chain is expected to stabilize, hence Bajaj can target a larger segment of the global market.

If the Bajaj Pulsar Electric model materializes, we can expect Bajaj to make it using the same chassis and even body panels as the current Pulsar series models. Similar gears, similar brakes, and suspension are now visible in the Pulsar series. It will be interesting to see a reputed company like Bajaj increase its selection of electric vehicles.

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