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Yulu Miracle GR, DeX GR e-bikes launched by Bajaj

Yulu e-bikes are made in India by Chetak Technologies Limited, a subsidiary of Bajaj.

Miracle GR and DeX GR are two new electric bikes introduced by Yulu in India; both are manufactured by Chetak Technologies Limited (CTL), a subsidiary of Bajaj, serving the EV market.


  • Miracle GR and Dex GR low-speed electric motorcycles have been introduced in India by Yulu.
  • Chetak Technologies Limited, a Bajaj-owned company, manufactures electric bikes.
  • The Dex GR will serve last-mile delivery personnel, while the Miracle GR is for personal use.

Miracle GR and Dex GR, two new low-speed electric motorcycles from Yulu bikes, have been introduced in India. The electric bike was manufactured by Chetak Technologies Limited (CTL), a subsidiary of Bajaj Auto. The top speed of Yulu Miracle GR and Dex GR is 25 kmph. The Dex GR will focus on last-mile delivery options, while the Yulu Miracle GR is for personal use.

Yulu Miracle GR, Dex GR Electric Bikes Specifications 

The Yulu DeX GR and Yulu Miracle GR electric bikes share a common platform and many mechanical parts. The scooter features a Twin shock absorber at the rear and a telescopic fork suspension at the front.

The Yulu Miracle GR and Yulu Dex GR electric bikes require front and rear drum brake setups. However, the maximum speed of the electric motorcycle is only 25 kmph.

A hub motor drives the Yulu Miracle GR and Dex GR electric bikes. The electric bike also features a center stand, a floorboard with footpegs, an LED headlight, and a taillight. The DeX GR has a rake at the rear with a 15 kg payload capacity, as it is designed for last-mile delivery. At the nearby Yulu station, DeX GR has already been deployed and can be seen.

In addition, Yulu is actively trying to develop its battery exchange network. The company now operates 100 exchange stations, hoping to expand to 500 stations by 2024. Yulu now offers electric scooters, including the Dex NV and the Miracle CT, designed to meet local runout needs or small-scale cargo. Distribution is needed. You can use a proprietary application to access the ride-sharing service Yulu. On this platform, those who want to use Yulu’s electric vehicles can rent them and pay a reasonable fee. Currently, Bengaluru, Delhi, and Mumbai can use the service. In the future, the company wants to expand to more cities.

Nearly 50,000 delivery professionals from various e-commerce businesses have completed over 75 million green deliveries using Yulu’s shared EVs. According to Yulu, their platform provides a mobility solution with 40% lower operating costs than traditional petrol bikes.

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