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New Royal Enfield Himalayan 450

Apart from the hard-core off-road version of the new Royal Enfield Himalayan 450, we will also see a street bike, a cafe racer, and a scrambler on this platform.

With a flurry of different items coming over the next few years, Royal Enfield has a few key ideas in the works. A new Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 with liquid cooling is one of the most anticipated items, but the platform will also support four other bikes.

New Royal Enfield Himalayan 450: Details

An all-new, liquid-cooled engine will power the upcoming Himalayan 450 that Royal Enfield is developing. It is popularly believed to have a displacement of 450cc. The big news is that this engine will power five new models, according to an official document from Royal Enfield. Since the Himalayan 450 has been the subject of several spy images, the test bikes have started to resemble production-spec motorcycles rather than raw, early prototypes.

This latest document confirms the widespread rumors that an even more off-road-focused model will follow the Himalayan 450. A more depressed-looking Himalayan model also featured a flat, single-piece rally-style seat. Overall, the size would look good on a dedicated Dakar motorcycle. The ground clearance and suspension travel are also much higher than the regular Himalayan. Of course, these are just preliminary thoughts at this point; The final design of the production-spec bike will become apparent over time. The new Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 on road price can be Rs. 2,60,000 – Rs. 2,80,000.

Royal Enfield 450cc Scrambler: Details

This 450 cc platform would have “lead” models, which would later generate derivatives, and these would later generate variants such as RE’s other existing engine platforms. The second lead model, which looks like a street roadster, can be seen next to the Himalayan 450. The bike is more approachable and street-oriented, with a lower seat height and alloy wheels than the wire-spoke ones of the Himalayan 450. The wheels at both ends appear the same size and are likely 17 inches, offering more tyres options.

We can see that apart from this Roadster, there will be two more Royal Enfield bikes: a scrambler and a cafe racer with a fairing. The 450cc roadster and cafe racer share a lot of similarities in terms of their underpinnings. But in classic cafe racer style, it has a lower handlebar and a bikini fairing (likely clip-on) upfront.

But in comparison to the Roadster, the Scrambler variant looks more exclusive and has more variants. A front beak, a tall handlebar, wire-spoke wheels, and an under-seat exhaust system in the Scrambler style are notable features. Additionally, a flat bench-style seat is commonly seen from Scramblers, and the rear end appears to be essential with only a tiny taillight and a minor fender.

Lastly, the liquid-cooled 450 platforms will support five different models, with the Himalayan 450 likely to be introduced. Since it will not implement the first of these initiatives for some time, it is difficult to predict when this will happen. However, as we noted, the Himalayan is coming up nicely, and the formal unveiling could occur in the second half of 2023.

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