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Matter Aera 5000+ India's first geared electric bike

Aera, an electric motorcycle, has finally been launched in India by Gujarat-based Matter Bike, an electric two-wheeler company. Since its unveiling in November 2018, five different variants of the bike have been introduced. If you are interested in buying Matter Aera, here are some of the essential features of the bike that you must know.

Matter Aera: Design and Features

The looks of the Aera electric bike are attractive in themselves, as it resembles many 200-300 cc ICE motorcycles. Its bodywork is covered with strong, angular design lines that give it an intimidating stance. The front features low-slung headlamps and a muscular midsection resembling a fuel tank, while the rear features an upward-sloping tail.

The Matter Aera has a decent number of features. A TFT instrument cluster, which has smartphone connectivity and displays a lot of information about the bike and its journey, contains all the information. On the screen, you can see call and message alerts as well as navigation. Other features include OTA updates, keyless entry, and a front-mounted small storage unit.

Matter Aera: Battery and Motor Specifications 

A 10kW motor that is driven by a 5kWh battery pack powers the Matter Aera. It is interesting to note that the Era’s battery uses liquid cooling to control temperatures and avoid thermal runaway. A standard charging setup allows the battery to be fully charged in 5 hours, although a fast charger reduces the charging period to 2 hours. Its riding range on full charge is 120-150 kilometers. If that wasn’t surprising enough, a four-speed transmission is available for a traditional motorcycle-like ride.

Like most petrol-powered bikes, the Aera rides on 17-inch alloy wheels that are supported by dual gas-charged shock absorbers at the rear and telescopic forks at the front. Premium EVs generally have a single disc at both ends, which is aided by a dual-channel ABS when braking force is applied.

Matter Aera: Pricing and Variants

There are four different Aera variations to choose from: Aera 4000, Aera 5000, Aera 5000+, and Aera 6000+. For now, the known prices for the 5000 and 5000+ versions start at Rs. 1,43,999 and Rs. 1,53,999 (ex-showroom Delhi), respectively. However, the cost of other variants has not been revealed yet. The offered features are where these variations mainly differ.

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