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Honda Activa 125 H-Smart teased, launch imminent

Honda Activa 125 to get more expensive with this addition.

Honda recently revised its hugely popular Activa 6G lineup, resulting in a slight price hike, and unveiled a new, top-of-the-line H-Smart model with an electronic key fob. Based on a picture on the manufacturer’s website, the bigger Honda Activa 125 may soon undergo a similar makeover.

Honda Activa 125 H-Smart: New Updates

The Honda Activa 125 H-Smart, like the Honda Activa 6G, is most likely to get an electronic key fob with various electronic capabilities, some comparable to a car’s. With the push of a button, the SmartFind feature lets you find your vehicle by flashing all four indicators simultaneously. Using the SmartStart function, you can start the petrol scooter by simply flipping the switch where the key slot usually is.

Then there’s the SmartUnlock feature, which enables you to use the key fob to unlock the handlebar, gasoline filler cap, and under-seat storage unit. The SmartSafe feature deactivates the keyless aspect of the fob, locks the scooter, and improves security.

Along with these revisions, the same image also shows that the digital inset in the dash will be upgraded and can show proper fuel-efficiency information, such as real-time mileage, average mileage, and distance to empty.

Honda Activa 125 Price and Variants

The Activa 125 currently has three variants: Drum (Rs 77,743), Drum Alloy (Rs 81,411), and Disc (Rs 84,916). It is unknown whether Honda Motorcycles will update the top-of-the-line disc variant with this function or add a new variant to the Activa 125 lineup specifically for it, as it did with the Activa 6G. Once this feature is included, the price of the Honda Activa 125 is likely to increase.

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