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Honda introduces new accessory

Prices for Honda H’ness CB350 and CB350RS kits start at Rs 7,500 and go up to Rs 22,200.

For its H’ness CB350 and CB350RS motorcycles, Honda motorcycles have introduced six new accessory kits, each designed to meet the needs of a specific user. Although backward compatible, these kits can only be ordered as a whole (You cannot purchase the standalone parts individually).

Honda H’ness CB350 custom kits: details

The Honda H’ness CB350 is compatible with four kits: Cafe Racer, Comfort, Tourer, and Solo Carrier.

The Cafe Racer kit includes a retro headlamp cowl, a body-colored rear seat cowl, fork gaiters, a sump guard, and stripes across the tank. Also included is a tan solo seat. One oddity with this bike is that it maintains the same rider triangle as the normal H’ness CB350 and omits the clip-on or clubman bars often found in cafe races. At Rs 22,200, the device is the most expensive of them all.

The H’ness CB350 Comfort package is the next item on the list. This kit equips the bike with a large front windscreen, padded rider and passenger seats, a pillion backrest, saddle stays, and large footpegs. This kit suits two-up touring, including the rider, rear seat, and luggage space. All this is available for Rs.16,500.

With one exception, the Tourer kit for the H’ness CB350 includes almost all the same accessories as the Comfort kit. Instead of a pillion backrest, it now gets a rear luggage rack. At Rs 17,600, the Tourer kit costs slightly more than the Comfort kit.

As its name suggests, the Solo Carrier package is designed for those who prefer to ride alone and comes with extras for the bike, such as a small front visor, tire stripes, and fork gaiters. It also replaces the pillion seat with a luggage carrier. The Solo Carrier Kit costs Rs 16,200.

Honda CB350RS custom kits: details

The Honda CB350RS only comes with the Cafe Racer and SUV kit, but the H’ness CB350 can be equipped with four other kits.

With one exception, the cafe racer packages for the CB350RS and the H’ness CB350 are almost identical. The CB350RS still comes with the conventional seat; The only difference is that the rear seat cowl is detachable and color-matching. The Cafe Racer kit costs Rs 17,500.

At Rs 7,500, the SUV kit is the cheapest of these modifications and includes saddle support, knuckle guards, and a small front visor.

You can only order kits individually; riders cannot purchase individual components separately. BigWing showrooms may have the kit in stock by mid-March. OBD-2 and E20 compliance is no longer standard for the H’ness CB350 and CB350RS, but they will be by the end of this month.

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