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Tork Kratos X, updated Kratos R e-bikes revealed

At the Auto Expo 2023, Tork Motors unveiled the new Kratos X e-bike, which is a more advanced alternative to the Kratos R. Tork. Tork also unveiled an upgraded Kratos R alongside the Kratos X.

New Tork Kratos X e-bike: Details

Features of the new Tork Kratos X include an aluminum swingarm and a 7-inch touch-compatible TFT dash. The business hasn’t specified how much more powerful the electric bike motor will be on the Kratos R, but it also gets a new FF (Furiously Fast) mode.

Although the Kratos X has different side panels than the Kratos R, its production version is still a long way off. According to Tork, the Kratos X will begin receiving test drives in March and will begin shipping in June.

Updated Tork Kratos R: Details

In addition to the new Kratos X e-bike, Tork also unveiled an improved model of its Kratos R e-bike, though the changes are purely aesthetic. The Kratos R now has a battery pack that’s completely black and a new dark blue color. However, the new LCD dash represents a more significant upgrade.

The layout and aesthetics are completely new, and in place of the distinctive slots around the dash on the previous model, the warning lights are now housed in the empty space surrounding the primary display unit.

Tork’s future plans: Details shared at Auto Expo

A new portable charger that can quickly recharge the electric bike battery like a home charger and the imminent availability of additional panniers for its e-bikes are two notable developments provided by Tork.

Additionally, Tork Motors has revealed that the new facility with 60,000-unit capacity will be operational by Q1 2023. By March 2023, Tork first said it would be present in seven cities across the country. However, now this number has been increased to 11. Torque currently sells its products in Patna, Hyderabad, Pune and Satara.

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