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Honda CB300R Vs CB300F

Honda has released the CB300F motorcycle in India, where they already sell the CB300R, another streetfighter.

Honda in India just released the CB300F. When Honda already had the CB300R in their range, many people questioned why they would bother to make another motorcycle. This two 300cc bikes in India differ significantly despite having similar names. The Honda CB300R and the recently introduced CB 300F are contrasted here.

Honda CB300R Vs CB300F: Design

Both motorcycles have significantly different designs. The CB300F is a naked streetfighter, whereas the CB300R is a neo-retro motorbike. The CB300F has a stylish headlamp and a strong body. The CB300R, on the other hand, has a circular headlight and body panels that flow smoothly.

Specs of the Honda CB300R and CB300F: Specs

Although both motorcycles have the number 300 in their names, that does not always guarantee they have the same engine. Both engines differ greatly from one another. Their only thing in common is that both of their single-cylinder engines are linked to 6-speed transmissions with slip and assist clutches.

A 293 cc, single-cylinder, SOHC engine with oil cooling powers the CB300F. It has a maximum output of 24.2 horsepower and a maximum torque of 25.6 Nm.

The CB300R, on the other hand, features a 286 cc DOHC engine with liquid cooling. It has a maximum output of 31.1 horsepower and a maximum torque of 27.5 Nm.

Honda CB300R and CB300F: Hardware

Both motorcycles have hardware that is quite similar to one another. Both have a diamond-shaped frame, front and rear mono shocks, and upside-down forks. The CB300R’s front disc brake measures 296 mm, whereas the CB300F’s front disc is smaller at 276 mm. Both motorcycles have a 220 mm rear disc. While both have dual-channel ABS, the CB300R also has an IMU.

Honda CB300F vs CB300R: Price

It costs 2.77 lakhs (ex-showroom). Priced at 2.26 lakhs (ex-showroom) for the CB300F’s DLX variant and 2.29 lakhs for the DLX Pro variant (ex-showroom). Therefore, even if the CB300R is more expensive bike in India, it has superior hardware and a more advanced engine.

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