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Yamaha Aerox Based Augur Scooter Revealed

Several high-end technologies, including traction control and TFT display, are standard on the Yamaha Augur 155 Maxi Scooter.

The Augur is a new scooter that Yamaha has introduced in Taiwan. The scooter is interesting as it has many more features than the Yamaha Aerox 155 despite sharing comparable underpinnings.

  • Augur has a liquid-cooled 155cc engine.
  • Aggressive and futuristic style.
  • Features advanced tech TFT dash and traction control.

2023 Yamaha Augur 155 Maxi Scooter: Specs and Features

The 155cc liquid-cooled engine is similar to the Yamaha Aerox sold in India. While the Yamaha Taiwan website doesn’t provide horsepower or torque information, it shouldn’t change significantly from the 15 HP and 13.9 Nm in the India-designed Aerox.

The Yamaha Augur differs from the Aerox because it has a flat floorboard instead of the Aerox’s central spine. It gets a bigger 6.1 L tank compared to the smaller 5.5 L fuel tank of the Aerox. The Erox weighs 6 kg less than the 132 kg Augur.

However, the Augur stands out most for its futuristic, almost alien-like appearance, which is dominated by a central LED headlamp that appears to be left over from the Kawasaki Z H2 superbike. The headlight also has a cornering feature, and the user can choose between a warm yellow color temperature or a pure white light.

Luxury features include a 4.3-inch TFT display, Bluetooth connectivity, and completely keyless working. While the website doesn’t clearly state whether it’s a single or dual-channel system, the safety net for the ABS and traction control systems is also very high. Unlike the Aerox, the Augur gets a rear disc brake, which is made possible by twin-channel ABS.

2023 Yamaha Augur 155 Maxi Scooter: Price

If Yamaha aims to bring the Yamaha Augur scooter to India, you could be looking at an ex-showroom price of between Rs 1.6 to Rs 1.8 lakh, if not more. The Yamaha Augur scooters in India are priced more than Yamaha Aerox, which costs Rs 1.4 lakh.

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