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hero xtreme 200s 4v

The Passion Plus and the Xtreme 200S 4V are two upcoming models that Hero MotoCorp will shortly introduce to India. It appears that a debut isn’t too far off because these bikes have been spotted at dealers in South India in production-ready form.

Expectations For Hero Passion Plus

The Passion Plus will be discussed first because it is the most popular bike in India. Hero is ready to stand head-to-head with Honda in light of Honda’s recently released Shine 100 and the Passion Plus’s comeback into the incredibly lucrative 100cc motorcycle market. The Passion Plus model from the past, which comes in 2023, shares the same platform as the Splendour and HF versions.

According to the sticker on the tank, the 97cc “Sloper” engine that the Passion Plus appears to use has been updated to meet current OBD-2 standards and run on E20 fuel. The Hero HF and Splendour bikes are priced between Rs 56,968 and Rs 76,346 (ex-showroom, Delhi). When the Passion Plus is released, we estimate it to fall somewhere in that area.

What Is Seen On A Hero Xtreme 200S 4V?

The Xtreme 200S of today is the only 200cc motorbike in Hero’s lineup that uses the older 2-valve engine. This engine was first used on the Xpulse 200. Thanks to this update, all of Hero’s 200cc bikes will now be powered by the more advanced and tuned 4-valve engine.

Visually speaking, the Xtreme 200S 4V resembles the previous version quite a bit. However, the bright yellow color looks eye-catching and should make the bike stand out. The Hero Xtreme 200S 4V now has the same mirrors as the Xtreme 160R and the Xoom scooter rather than the same ones as the current model (also seen on the Xpulse 200T 4V), another noticeable modification.

The Xtreme 200S is now priced at Rs 1,35,360 (ex-showroom, Delhi), but following the 4V update, the price will probably increase. Given that both bikes have started to arrive at dealerships and seem production ready, we believe they will be available soon.

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