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Joy e-bike Wolf+, Nanu+, and Del Go Electric Scooters in India

Joy e-bike has recently launched three new e-scooters in India priced at around Rs 1 lakh.

WardWizard Innovations’ three new scooters, the Wolf+, Gen Next Nanu+, and Del Go, are priced at around Rs 1 lakh each, representing the company’s entry into the electric two-wheeler market.

Joy E-Bike Launched Three New Electric Scooters In India

The Wolf+, the Gen Next Nanu+, and the Del Go are three brand-new, high-end electric scooters that Joy e-bike has introduced in India. As more established competitors like the Ola S1 Pro, Ather 450x, Bounce Infinity E1, Bajaj Chetak, and Simple One reach the market, India’s automotive market is already overrun with electric scooters.

The three brand-new Joy E-Bikes e-scooters are priced at or below Rs 1 lakh in India, placing them in the high-end electric scooter sector. While the Del Go e-scooter is designed to be used in fleets, the Wolf+, Gen Next Nanu+, and Nanu+ are intended for private usage.

Joy e-bike Wolf+, Nanu+, Del Go: Price

The Wolf+, Gen Next Nanu+, and Del Go are three electric bikes priced around Rs 1 lakh, which appears to be the sweet spot for most e-scooters. While the Nanu+ has a sticker price of Rs. 1.06 lakh, the Wolf+ is priced at Rs. 1.10 lakh. The cost of the fleet operation-focused Del Go is Rs. 1.14 lakh. Given that they are a part of the “Make in India” projects and localization efforts are being made to reduce costs, all three bikes have considerably lower sticker pricing compared to numerous competitors.

Joy e-bike Wolf+, Nanu+, Del Go: Design

Promote localization and the “Make in India” movement with Wolf+, Gen Next Nanu+, and Del Go. The scooters will be made at the company’s manufacturing site in Vadodara, Gujarat.

While Gen Next Nanu+ is a more aggressive and sharply shaped scooter with a touring design to cater to younger clients, Wolf+ has a touring design for driving around the city’s periphery.

Beginning on February 11, 2022, all three Joy electric scooters will be available for reservation at the company’s dealerships. The three scooters signify Joy e-entry bike’s into the market for high-speed electric scooters.

Joy e-bike Wolf+, Nanu+, Del Go: Hardware

Compared to Gen Next Nanu+, which has a seat height of 730mm and a wheelbase of 1325mm for zipping through city traffic, Wolf+ offers a wider and longer seat with a height of 740mm and an extended wheelbase of 1345mm.

Both scooters have the same dimensions: 1800 mm in length, 460 mm in width, and 1100 mm in height. The gear comprises a monoshock suspension at the back and a twin hydraulic fork suspension configuration upfront.

The scooters’ 1.6-meter turning radius and 160-mm ground clearance make them ideal for off-road use. With keyless start/stop, it’s simple to turn short pauses on and off with the flip of a switch.

Joy e-bike Wolf+, Nanu+, Del Go: Features

The Wolf+ and Gen Next Nanu+ have sensors that give them intelligent features. The “Joy E- connect app,” a one-tap control for Wolf+ and Gen Next Nanu+ is also included. Bluetooth allows for communication and scooter control.

You may also check the battery status remotely, and the scooters can be traced. Each scooter has three drive modes: Eco, Sports, and Hyper. It is carried out to make scooters more useful with reverse mode, making it easier to maneuver them backward out of small parking spaces.

Other scooter features include geo-fencing, real-time position, and GPS sensing. When parked, the Wolf+ and Gen Next Nanu+ can detect vibrations and determine the tampered. Additionally, they include a sophisticated remote control that locks the scooter in the event of tampering.

Each time the brake lever is pulled, the regenerative braking technology on both scooters recharges the battery, extending the vehicle’s range. With the three-speed controller, BLDC motors instantly deliver the best torque in their class, enhancing the scooters’ usability.

Joy e-bike Wolf+, Nanu+, Del Go: Battery and Specs

The electric bike battery is the most important part of a bike. To provide the necessary performance, an NMC battery is installed. NMCs are the ideal solution for the Indian market due to their high energy density and extended life span. They are powered by a 1500W motor with 20 Nm of torque and a top speed of 55 kmph.

The scooters use double disc brakes integrated with an electrical braking system to stop the vehicle quickly. For both scooters, the battery has a rating of 60V35Ah. Additionally, it is a portable battery with a 100km range and a charging cycle time of 4 to 5 hours.

Joy E-Del bike’s Go is a delivery vehicle used for fleet management activities. Del Go has a seat height of 820mm, a wheelbase of 1315mm, dimensions of 1950mm in length, 720mm in width, and 1070mm in height.

With customizable notifications, a single-screen detailed dashboard with all the fleet’s information is available for download. Additionally, it features Geo-Fence alerts and fleet health monitoring. Comparable 100 miles range per charge.

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