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Yamaha RX 100

The coming of this news has been expected for a long time. Yamaha is planning to restore the much-talked-about RX100. The concern was how Yamaha wanted to capture the bold character of the original two-stroke RX100 with the four-stroke motor. There is good and bad news for those waiting for the return of the famous ‘Yamaha RX100 nameplate’ and worried about how Yamaha would do justice to the name.

Let’s start with the bad news: Yamaha Motorcycles has officially confirmed that there will be ‘no return’ for the RX100 brand. However, there is still some good news. Yamaha is developing a motorcycle that will be named ‘RX.’

Yamaha India Chairman Ishin Chihana and his response Yamaha understands the emotional significance of the ‘Yamaha RX100’. Chihana explained that he has chronicled the RX100’s popularity in the international markets. But he was surprised by how iconic the bike was for riders of all ages in India. They decided to introduce the Yamaha RX100, a modern four-stroke motorcycle with the same name.

Yamaha RX 100 Known For

He reiterated that Yamaha RX100 is the best model for India. With the current line-up, more than 155cc is needed to launch a high-performance, lightweight bike with specifications. Known for its styling, lightweight, power, and sound, Yamaha RX100 has made it so. For the RX100 to recreate those benchmarks in a four-stroke model, it needs to be at least 200 cc, but you can only produce a good sound even then.

Yamaha RX 100 Is A Legendary Motorcycle

According to Chihana, the RX100 two-stroke that dominated Indian roads in the 1990s has carved a special place in Yamaha’s history in India. The RX100 motorcycle was a small motorcycle with a fast 100cc engine. Its lightweight and agile body design makes it an ideal pocket rocket. Since two-stroke motorcycles are a thing of the past, a modern 100cc four-stroke motorcycle cannot do justice to the RX100 name, given the power limitations of a four-stroke engine of that size.

Once they perfect the formula, Chihana confirmed that Yamaha would only launch a high-performance, lightweight motorcycle that matches the RX100’s performance levels. Yamaha believes that more than the current 155cc engine used in the YZF-R15 and MT-15 is required to build such a motorcycle.

Hence, Yamaha believes that a motorcycle with the RX moniker should have an engine size of at least 200cc. Despite having a modern engine, Yamaha may be unable to reproduce the unique exhaust sound generated by the RX100’s two-stroke 98cc engine.


While it will not be revived to preserve the sentimental value attached to the name ‘RX100’. Yamaha may introduce a new motorcycle named ‘RX,’ powered by a performance-oriented engine more significant than 200cc. However, Yamaha has yet to give a definite timeline for releasing this motorcycle.

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