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MV Agusta

Italian bike manufacturer MV Agusta has unveiled its limited-edition “Reparto Course” lineup overseas. The F3 800 Sportbike, Dragster SCS Naked, and Turismo Veloce Tourer are all 800cc triple-cylinder bikes that have gone through the RC treatment. This includes a variety of performance-improving modifications (for the F3 and Dragster only), a unique livery, and a certified plaque from the manufacturer attesting to their authenticity.

  • All three bikes get a unique red, white and green color.
  • The F3 800 RC first batch will manufacture only 200 bikes. 
  • The Dragster RC and Turismo Veloce RC each receive 300 units.

MV Agusta F3 800 RC

The RC is a special variant of the F3 800 RR, which builds on its strong foundation. Riders were delighted when they experienced the F3 800 RC in its past form.

The Akrapovic racing exhaust and custom Map F3 800 that comes with the bike increase the 147 horsepower of the sportbike to 153 horsepower. According to MV Agusta, the exhaust not only helps in increasing the output but also reduces the weight by up to 8 kg, thereby reducing the dry weight of the F3 800 RC by up to 165 kg. Compared to the RR variant, the FR 800 RC features a unique titanium nitride coating on its fork stanchion.

MV Agusta Dragster RC SCS

Due to the lightweight titanium SC projectile exhaust, the Dragster RC SCS is also 8kg lighter than the “regular” Dragster SCS (which comes with a dedicated tune). With forged aluminum alloy wheels, as opposed to the, spoke aluminum ones in the normal version, it gets the same unique coating on its front forks as the F3 800 RC.

MV Agusta Turismo Veloce RC

Notably, the Turismo Veloce RC is the only model in this lineup to drop any mechanical modifications; The only difference between the special color scheme and the ordinary version.

A numbered plaque from the company confirming its authenticity and a distinctive livery in the colors of the Italian flag adds to the aura of exclusivity for the entire RC line-up.

MV Agusta in India

MV Agusta has been absent from the Indian market since breaking ties with the Motoroyale organization with which he collaborated for his Indian business. Although CEO Timur Sardarov has previously stated that they are looking for a new partner in our market, there is currently no clarification regarding the return of this illustrious Italian bike maker to the Indian market. You can also read about the best 800cc bikes in India to make an informed decision and choose the right bike for your needs.

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