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Honda CB250R

Honda updated the CB250R in 2022 with several new features. However, the CB250R is unlikely to be launched in the Indian market due to the existence of its larger variant, the CB300R.

Honda, one of the Japanese Big Four (Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, and Suzuki), is known for launching a wide range of bikes in its native country. Despite being one of the largest two-wheeler markets, India does not have access to all Honda models. The CB250R, which was recently released by Honda, is one such motorcycle.

The CB series of Honda Motorcycles are specialized road motorcycles with a wide range of features along with various displacements. On the other hand, CBR is a line of fully-faired motorcycles. CB150R, CB250R, CB300R, CB500F, CB650R, and CB1000R are some of the most famous CB bikes.

2022 Honda CB250R Features and Specifications

This quarter-liter screamer is at the bottom of the CB series. It is good to use for everyday use, touring, and off-road rides. It replaces the previous generation CB250R with some smart adjustments and functionality enhancements.

Showa Front continues to provide USD forks. This time, however, they are SFF-BP (Separate Function Fork – Big Piston) units, which have better collision absorption and are lighter. Low curb weight is one of the biggest features of the 2022 Honda CB250R. The curb weight of this new 250cc bike is just 145 kg. Considering that the KTM 125 Duke with the 125 cc engine weighs 159 kg, it is quite good.

A slip and assist clutch to ensure smooth shift and a gear position indicator have been added to the fully digital instrument cluster, which was lacking in the previous model. A 10.5 Liter fuel tank and an extremely user-friendly 795 mm seat height are the more noticeable features of the 2022 Honda CB250R. It also gets a single disc at both ends and is equipped with dual-channel ABS. With a curb weight of around 145 kg, we can expect excellent braking performance from this bike.

Engine and Launch Date

The Honda CB250R is powered by a powerful quarter-liter engine. In terms of CC, the bike has a 249cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled engine that generates 26.8bhp power and 23Nm torque. This is sufficient torque and power for a 250cc bike.

It boasts of a pretty excellent power-to-weight ratio when you consider the low kerb weight of the Honda CB250R at 145kg. This engine is mated to a 6-speed gearbox, and we can expect better gear shifts with the new update along with a slip and assist clutch. With Showa USD forks, a slipper clutch, and Honda’s pricing policy in India, the 2022 CB250R is priced very high. You need to know that Kawasaki India does not offer single-cylinder roadsters or sports bikes in India, however, Yamaha and Suzuki do.

Honda is doubtful about bringing this motorcycle to India. Although Kawasaki India does not offer single-cylinder streets or sports bikes, the other two Japanese Big Four, Yamaha, and Suzuki do. However, Honda India has its upgraded model Honda CB300R as a 300cc bike in India. If you are sticking to the best 250cc bikes then The ‘Fastest Indian Bike’ Pulsar N250 is provided by Bajaj Motorcycles. With Showa USD forks, a slipper clutch, and Honda’s pricing policy in India, the 2022 CB250R is priced very high.

Honda is not sure about launching this bike in India, however, Honda has kept its upgraded model CB300R in the 300cc bike segment. Still, if you want to remain in the same displacement category and looking for some popular 250cc bikes then you can go with Bajaj, Bajaj Motorcycles offers the ‘Fastest Indian Bike’ Pulsar N250.

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