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Matter Delayed its Electric Bikes Deliveries in India Until Early 2024

Deliveries of the India-made Matter electric motorcycle with a manual gearbox will begin at the start of 2024.

Matter AERA’s Electric Motorcycle deliveries delayed in India

The launch of the electric two-wheeler (e2W) start-up Matter Bikes Works has delayed the delivery of the company’s first EV, AERA. Deliveries initially scheduled for September are expected to begin in January or March 2024.

The business is still committed to delivering more than 40,000 pre-ordered bikes, even though it has given no clear explanation for the delay. The Gujarat factory can now produce 60,000 units annually, aiming to double production to 120,000 units as demand increases.

Matter AERA: Only e-motorcycle in India to feature a manual gearbox

The Matter AERA is the only electric motorcycle in India with a four-speed sequential manual transmission. It was designed and developed internally. It is the first to use a liquid cooling system with a fixed 5kWh lithium-ion battery pack that uses NMC or NCA chemical cells.

The motorcycle is claimed to have a range of 125 kilometers on a single charge and a maximum power output of 14 horsepower.

Price hike due to revised FAME-II subsidy structure

For the Rs 5000 model, the AERA is priced at Rs. 1.44 lakh, while the 5000+ variant is priced at Rs. 1.54 lakh.

Due to its 5kWh battery pack, these prices start at Rs. 60,000 incentive. However, Matter Motors was forced to increase the prices after the government amended the FAME-II subsidy system. As mentioned earlier, the AERA is now priced at Rs. 1.74 lakh; for the latter, it costs Rs. 1.84 lakh. The bike will still be shipped to pre-order customers at the launch price.

Matter plans to enter a more affordable motorcycle segment soon

The 1kW inbuilt charger with the Matter AERA electric bike takes less than five hours to charge completely. Due to its compatibility with DC fast charging, it can be charged in less than two hours. Two more variants of the Matter AERA 5000 and 5000+ are expected to arrive soon, one of which may have a larger 6kWh battery.

Over the next year, Matter plans to enter the more accessible motorcycle market. The Tork Kratos R and Revolt RV 400 are the two electric motorcycles with which the AERA will compete when launched.

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