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Ather Rizta Electric Scooter Details Leaked

The countdown to the launch of Ather Rizta has started in less than a week. The latest information about electric scooters has come to light. In the latest Instagram post, the Rizta’s underseat storage area can be seen and as expected, it appears to be quite large. The boot looks wide and deep, and according to the video, it can hold a half-face helmet, a bag, a lunchbox, and other items. This time Ather Energy is taking a different approach for the first time.

Ather Rizta electric scooter: What to know

The company has demonstrated the strength of Ather Rizzta’s battery through a drop test and the IP67 rating of the battery through a water wading test. Where battery capacity is concerned, we can expect around a 3kWh unit that promises a claimed range of around 160 km.

Finally, the scooter is seen riding on 12-inch alloy wheels with MRF Zapper tyres. It appears to be similar to what you see on the Ather 450 series. In fact, in earlier teasers, we saw that the Rizta is likely to have the same color TFT display as the 450X. This could also mean that the Rizta will get similar features like Bluetooth connectivity and turn-by-turn navigation.

One of the main highlights promoted by Ather Energy is the inclusion of an “anti-skid feature”, although specific details about this feature are unknown. Speculations suggest that this could potentially be an anti-lock braking system (ABS), which would increase safety and control on the road.

Ather Rizta boot space and other details

Other details about the Ather Rizta boot space are also clearly visible, There is also a small storage bin just outside the main storage area. It is also under the seat and can hold a first aid kit and a small wallet or if desired, some change. Ather has certainly maximized all available marine storage areas.  

For example, the braking hardware. Unlike the Ather 450X, which gets disc brakes on the front and rear wheels, the Rizta has a front disc and rear drum brake setup. This is probably done not only to control costs but also because the Rizta’s performance cannot be as fast as the Ather 450X, which requires more stopping power.

Ather Rizta: Bookings Open, Unveiling On 6th April

Ahead of the launch of Ather Rizta, Ather Energy has announced the launch of pre-bookings for its latest offering, Ather Rizta.

You can now book your favorite electric scooter Rizta at just Rs. 999/- from the company’s official website. The business allows eager customers to secure their place for the much-awaited family electric vehicle.

It has taken a long time for Ather to bring its first family electric scooter. But it seems to be well thought out and can it challenge its main rival TVS iQube? The official unveiling of Ather Rizta is scheduled to take place on April 6.

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