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BMW Electric Motorcycle Patent Leaked

BMW has submitted a patent for an S1000RR motorbike that is electrically supercharged and could be the most powerful superbike ever.

According to the patent application example, BMW Motorrad could base its electric motorbike on the G 310 R streetfighter. The patent shows a naked bike with a diagonally positioned battery pack where a conventional engine would be with a mid-mounted motor. The battery pack should be cool due to its position in this configuration.

After BMW introduces its first electric motorcycle, TVS may release its model. A sub-15kW electric motorbike is being developed in collaboration with a German partner, according to TVS Motors Managing Director Sudarshan Venu, who announced last year.

BMW G310R Electric Motorcycle Patent Leaks

While the design is largely identical to the G310R, the patent images reveal several components, including the battery pack, motors, and powertrain, have been carried over from the CE-04. However, it’s not as simple as it might seem, as the CE-04’s components are primarily arranged horizontally. Furthermore, the electric vehicle CE-04 offers plenty of room for internal components.

BMW has made significant adjustments to fit everything within the G310R framework. The battery pack is positioned at a vertical angle. Most ICE-based bikes have a radiator under the front of the bike, where it is located. This can help with cooling the battery pack as a large portion of the surface area of the battery will be getting direct air.

The electric bike motor is under the seat at an angle of 90 degrees. This way, the shaft runs longitudinally instead of being distributed throughout the bike. A smaller, longer package is possible due to the tiltability of the shaft.

Connection is made to a bevel gear, which transmits power to the front sprocket. Similar to a reduction gearbox, this configuration increases torque while reducing the motor’s rotational speed. Finally, a massive rear sprocket—again, a reduction of sorts—is connected to a final belt drive. The ECU and charger are two additional components that appear to be carried over from the CE-04. ECU is located at the bottom of the bike. The only space available for storage is where the petrol tank is located, as the middle section of the bike is heavily loaded.

BMW G310R Electric Motorcycle Performance

The BMW G310R Electric can generate 42 hp of max power and 62 Nm of peak torque if it uses the battery pack and motor from the CE-04 in the same configuration.

These figures outperform the G310R’s ICE-powered 34 horsepower and 28 Nm outputs. The cost of the battery pack and other factors suggest that the BMW G310R electric motorcycle will be more expensive than its ICE variant. The top speed of the CE 04, which has a 15kW liquid-cooled engine, is 120 km. Its range with an 8.5 kWh battery pack is 130 km.

The starting price of the BMW CE-04 in the US is $11,795. (Approx. INR 9.76 Lakh). Nevertheless, the TVS model could be significantly cheaper.

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