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QJMotor bikes

The sister company of Benelli, QJMotor, will launch its first bike in India in the 250cc to 500cc range.

Although QJ has operated primarily in its primary market of China up to this point, the business aims to expand internationally for some time. According to corporate insiders, QJMotor will launch four new motorcycles in India this month, marking the business’s entry into the market. For those unaware, Benelli and Qgemotor are brands owned by the Qianjiang Group.

  • There are two retro-styled variants in the SRC250 and SRC500 lineup.
  • The SRV300, a lightweight roadster with Harley-Davidson, comes at the back. 
  • Here, the SRK400 naked roadster will also be unveiled.

The company has over 30 models available in China, including motorbikes, scooters, and even electric vehicles. However, QJMotor will offer four models in India, all of which will be fuel-based motorcycles. The SRC500 is the most widely recognized of these.

QJMotor SRC500: Details

Known for its full name, SRC500 (QJ,500-8A) on the QJmotor website, this bike is similar to the Benelli Imperiale. With the 374cc single-cylinder engine the Imperiale gets, the QJ gets a bigger 480cc motor. Peak power is 25.8 horsepower, compared to the Imperial’s 21. You can find peak torque on QJ’s website at 36Nm or 40Nm.

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QJMotor SRC250: Details

The SRC250, whose full name is SRC250 (QJ250-9), will be the second vintage motorcycle in QJ’s lineup. Although you might assume that the two goods would be comparable because of their similar names, they are chalk and cheese. The SRC250 has a unique design aesthetic apart from being powered by a twin-cylinder engine. You might assume it should turn into an incredible little powerhouse with high revs. However, the 249cc engine produces 17.7 horsepower at 8,000 rpm. A Suzuki Gixxer 250, as a point of comparison, develops 26.5 horsepower @ 9,300 rpm. The QJ’s peak torque is also very low at 16.5Nm (Suzuki manages 22.2Nm).

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QJMotor SRK400: Details

The SRK400, a sleek-looking streetfighter that seems well-equipped to compete with something like the KTM 390 Duke, will be one of the more contemporary options from QJMotor. Its 400cc parallel-twin engine, which produces a solid 41.5hp and 37Nm and keeps it almost in motion with the KTM, powers the entire machine. A chassis resembling the Benelli TNT 300 holds everything together, so you get an upside-down fork and a trellis frame hanging from a mono-shock. Similar to the TNT, twin 260 mm brake discs are incorporated up front, and despite its sturdy chassis, the SRK weighs 186 kg when filled with fluid.

QJMotor SRV300: Details

The most exciting product that QJMotor will export to India is SRV300. This little roadster closely associates with Harley-Davidson. The Milwaukee giant has joined with QJMotor to take advantage of the rapidly growing middleweight market in Asian countries. In many of these markets, the SRV300 is a model that can be rebadged and marketed as a Harley-Davidson.

The bike is not mentioned on QJ’s main website but on international websites. This motor has a displacement of 296cc and outputs 30.7hp and 26Nm, mated to a 6-speed transmission. If it wears the HD label, it will join a select group of Harleys with liquid-cooled engines.

With its low-slung stance and cut fenders, the SRV can be classified as a bobber. The suspension consists of a fork that turns upside down, two shock absorbers, and a disc brake at each end. The headlamp is circular, but the fuel tank gives a squared-off teardrop. The small portion of the seat extending behind the rider’s saddle may have pillar pegs, but it’s challenging to imagine.

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QJMotor: India Launch Timeline

Considering the size of QJMotor’s worldwide lineup, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the Indian lineup expand after launch. In mid-November, the company will formally reveal its lineup for India. The company will sell the bikes at the same Moto Vault retailers that now carry Moto Morini and Zontes motorbikes. Adishwar Auto Ride India, the distributor of Benelli in the India region, owns and maintains this distribution network.

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