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Lambretta Scooter

Lambretta scooters made their debut in the 300cc segment with two new scooters G350 and X300. Though both are classified as traditional scooters, they are equipped with modern technologies.

Lambretta has unveiled two new scooters in India that redefine the design language of vintage scooters. The G350 sticks to traditional lines, while the X300 takes a more edgy and modern approach. However, both the scooters incorporate distinctive Lambretta design features like a chrome-plated front horn cast. Mr. Ferdinando Innocenti, the creator of Lambretta’s original business Innocenti, would be proud of both designs in his later life.

Despite being classified as traditional scooters, they are equipped with modern technologies like disc brakes with headlamps designed in Lambretta DNA, ABS, intricate suspension arm linkage, and LED lighting all around. The G350 sports a contemporary TFT display with multiple functions, while the futuristic and edgy X300 gets a semi-digital display, which is a strange thing about these scooters.

New Lambretta G350 Scooter2

The G350 is a retro-style scooter with a single-cylinder, 4-valve petrol engine that produces 27 bhp power at 7500 RPM and 27 Nm torque at 6250 RPM. It has a massive 9.5-liter gasoline tank and a healthy weight of 173 kg. The G350 gets 12″ Pirelli tires at the front and 130/70 Pirelli tires at the rear. Other modern features, such as a USB phone charger, complement the current design of the scooter. It also gets the opulent and vintage Lambretta branding, which Demonstrates splendid history.

Lambretta G350 is available in three luxurious colors, all designed in Milano. The white color has the orange opposite seat, the red one has the dark red seat, and the black one has the orange seat as well.

New Lambretta X300 Scooter 

Lambretta’s Scooter X300 offers a more modern approach to scooter design. It is powered by a 275cc 4-valve single-cylinder petrol engine that produces 24.8 bhp power at 8250 RPM and 24.5 Nm of torque at 6250 RPM. It comes with a 7-liter petrol tank and weighs 165 kg. The X300 scooter features 12″ wheels (120/70 Pirelli rubber top and 130/70 Pirelli rubber rear).

The X300 has been independently designed by Lambretta. It has a design that is similar to the overall look of the scooter. It comes with a large square LED taillight with LED indicators as standard. This is one of the biggest taillights we’ve seen in a long time. The rest of the design is inspired by the retro-styled G350 scooter.

The X300 is available in four new colors, each with a dark green seat. With the X300, Lambretta has experimented with wheel rim colors. The Black Wheels are available in Green and Black shades, while the Silver Wheels are available in Silver and White shades.

Launch in India

Even though Lambretta has a good name in India, the brand is unlikely to introduce these scooters in India. The price is expected to be excessive due to the increase in engine capacity and performance. It would be difficult for the Italian carmaker to justify the price. Apart from scooters, if you are interested in bikes and if you are looking for the best 300cc bikes in India, then click to know more.

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