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Honda Activa Electric Scooter

Honda Activa Electric India launch by March 2024

Honda Activa Electric India will Launch by March 2024; CEO Atsushi Ogata confirms the news.

By March 2024, Honda will introduce its first electric scooter to the public. At the unveiling of the Activa H-Smart ICE scooter, MD and CEO Atsushi Ogata provided a tentative schedule for introducing the company’s first electric scooter in India.

Atsushi Ogata said during the occasion, “We are developing our electric vehicles domestically with the Honda teams in Japan, and we intend to be ready with the first scooter around the same time next year – formally to within the financial year 2023-’24.

According to Ogata, Honda’s first all-electric model will be based on the existing Honda Activa 125. There will be an upgraded electric drivetrain. The Activa EV offers a fixed battery set-up and a top speed of 50 kmph.

Honda Activa Electric Scooter

Honda will release the second electric scooter after the Honda Activa Electric, and it will be built on a completely new chassis. Honda motorcycles will offer this scooter with a swappable battery setup to get the best performance compared to other electric scooters. When released, Honda’s electric scooter will largely compete with Ola’s S1 and S1 Air.

As per reports, Honda may soon sell any of its EV products in the Indian market that it sells in China. However, the business decided to focus exclusively on products for India.

At the launch of the Activa H-Smart, Atsushi Ogata provided additional details about the company’s plans in India. He added, “During the past six months, Honda has focused on setting up plans to localize both the battery and the e-motor. The company will use most of its investments in FY 2023-2024 to optimize its manufacturing infrastructure.” will be taken.” This will be done so that it can produce two-wheelers with internal combustion engines and EVs with the hybrid configuration at the same plant.

Before launching its second electric scooter, HMSI will manufacture its electric bike motors and set up battery-swapping facilities at its 6,000 consumer touchpoints in India. Interestingly, the Japanese company thinks that conventionally powered scooters will be preferred in the Indian market shortly because of their longer range per fill-up.

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