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Aprilia SR Max250

The SR Max250 HPE (High-Performance Edition) offers more outstanding performance than the regular SR Max250 maxi-scooter.

Aprilia has introduced the SR Max250 HPE in China to offer fans a more attractive, sportier maxi scooter. While maintaining the same overall look as the standard model, the SR Max250 HPE features a glossy finish and an enhanced visual texture. Additionally, a new grey-red color scheme is included.

The updated graphics and decals give the car a sporty look and feel. Standard features include a sculpted front fascia, twin LED headlights, a large adjustable windshield, trendy rear-view mirrors, and an upswept exhaust.

Aprilia SR Max 250 Scooter Specs

The new high-performance 244cc motor delivers 25.6 hp power at 8,200 RPM and 22.5 Nm torque at 7,250 rpm, which is the main difference between SR Max 250 hp and the standard model. The earlier variant produces 21 hp power and 21 Nm torque. This is a huge jump that should result in noticeable performance gains. The handlebar-mounted controls on the SR Max250 HPE allow you to choose between two riding modes, Eco and Sport.

A comparable product in the Indian market would be the Keeway Vieste 300, which was launched in May this year. A 278.2 cc engine powers the Vieste 300, which produces 18.7 horsepower at 6,500 rpm and 22 Nm at 6,000 Rpm. Even with the modest displacement motor, the Aprilia SR Max 250 HPE is undeniably better equipped. Keeyway should not worry, as the Aprilia bikes are not expected to be introduced SR Max250 HPE in our country anytime soon. However, the Keeway Vieste 300 is more expensive, priced at Rs 2.99 lakh.

With the Aprilia SR Max250 HPE, riders can anticipate the most comfortable ride possible thanks to the scooter’s wide, stretchy handlebars and plush, foam-padded seats. The rider seat area has more back support for added comfort. The scooter includes sturdy grab rails for the passenger and retractable footrests.

Aprilia SR Max250 HPE Features

The SR Max250 HPE has seat height options of 775/815 mm as opposed to 785/815 mm on the previous model. For shorter riders, the 775mm seat height variation will improve handling. Both female users and learners can take advantage of it. The seat height was reduced, using front and rear wheels with diameters of 14 inches and 13 inches. Wheel sizes are 15 inches at the front and 14 inches at the rear for the 815 mm seat height variant.

35mm front forks and two preload-adjustable rear shock absorbers make up the suspension system. 260 mm front and 240 mm rear disc brakes are responsible for stopping the vehicle. Bosch ABS with dual channels is a standard feature. ASR (Anti-Slip Regulation), which automatically detects rear-wheel slippage and modifies engine power, is part of the safety device.

The 7-inch TFT LCD instrument console is one of the other notable features of the Aprilia SR Max250 HPE. It shows various data, including temperature, average speed, top speed, and fuel usage. It also includes a Bluetooth connection for pairing with a smartphone. The Aprilia SR Max 250 HPE Price Starts from Rs. 3.15 lakhs.

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