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What Is Honda Riding Assist Technology And How It Works

Honda was a leader in creating cutting-edge technologies for both motorcycles and automobiles. Honda Motorcycles has launched Honda Riding Assist, a unique function for its motorcycles. It’s a concept motorbike that runs entirely on electricity and constantly analyses its position. It can also be used to move the handlebars. As a result, it guarantees that the motorcycle will always be standing. When riding a motorbike in congested traffic, this feature is handy.

At the Tokyo Motor Show, Honda displayed a motorcycle capable of standing alone, with or without a rider. The motorbike uses the same robotic technology that Honda created for their humanoid robot that can walk. Honda engineers made this possible on a motorbike with the introduction of new-age technology.

What Makes Honda Riding Assist Different?

Getting a big, hefty bike out of the garage takes work. It isn’t easy to ride a motorcycle at relatively slow speeds. Instability results from it. This could also get old fast. This is because the rider must balance both their weight and the weight of the bike. The riders might then put their bikes down as a result of this. To address these problems, Honda developed Honda Riding Assist. This device aids in the motorcycle’s upright position.

How Does Honda’s Riding Assist Operate?

It would help to have a big, heavy, gyroscopic gadget to keep a motorcycle upright. It would help if you continued turning it as well. It will, however, change the sensation of riding. Honda decided to forgo using the gyroscope. As an alternative, Honda’s gadget is merely lamp-sized. Installing it on the front wheel is possible. The motorcycle remains upright after turning on the device, even if the rider moves away from it.

The bike’s auto-balancing feature remains active even while the rider is seated. The rider does not need to place their feet on the ground to maintain balance when the bike comes to a complete stop. The motorcycle retains equilibrium even when traveling at prolonged speeds. In metropolitan areas, this is especially helpful in stop-and-go or slow-speed traffic. It can even follow the rider wherever they go once they get off the bike, including into the garage.

The Honda Riding Assist Technology

This technology is derived from Honda’s two-legged, self-standing humanoid ASIMO. Honda Riding Assist uses this tried-and-true robotics technology to develop the self-balancing motorcycle. As a result, it significantly lowers the chance of tipping over the bike while it is at rest. Honda wants to make motorcycling a better experience. It also intends to apply this capability to motorcycles, both small and large, that are used for daily commutes.

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